Kitchen is new castle

Is the kitchen being your newfound castle

Work, study, exercise, and cook at home! During the pandemic, the world has changed in various sense and ways. New rules, new ways, a new world, rebuilding a broken relationship, and new bonding are happening everywhere. So also, a newfound relationship with food happened and happening everywhere! The tiny Covid-19 virus has made people chose the life that they were never used to. Families who are living together due to pandemic are spending quality time during meals.

One of the best ways to stop reducing the pandemic is to stay home, work from home, exercise at home, and cook at home. In the past year during the pandemic one place where people spent more time is the home kitchen. While businesses told employees to work from home, people migrated from cities to small towns and villages. Even though people wanted to eat out, they could not do so for a long time. We can get ready to eat food from a store but that does not last long. We can get food delivered at home, but it could be expensive. Hence home-cooked food and experiment in trying new tastes have become a habit.

Is the kitchen being your newfound castle for many?

To overcome stress, boredom or to make life more interesting, the kitchen has become an “expression” through a newfound passion for cooking and trying newer recipes and, of course, quality meals.

The quick and easy are terms used in many recipes. While working from home, a realization has come to many that cooking cannot happen easily. The word easy is moved first – ahead of quick. It means experiments on easy and quick recipes are happening in most kitchens. An easy recipe that can be completed quickly within 10 to 20 minutes, that involves less panicking, less concentration is becoming popular. Consumers are searching on YouTube videos, recipe blogs, and social media for recipes that save time and the same time have restaurant quality and taste.

Instead of cooking multiple items and making a mess in the kitchen “one pan, one pot” policy has been set in most houses. And this is extending to one bowl and one plate phenomenon in most working days!

Cooking meals at home is also teaching people the value of food and not to waste food. Apart from learning cooking, how to store the food, the way of cooking an ingredient, the efforts it takes to prepare a dish, and the final task of cleaning the kitchen – all these other teachings are happening in the newfound castle kitchen in most consumers house. 

When there is time, like weekends, world cuisine is also appearing on the family dining table! Those who wish to travel and try varieties of foods are trying their hands with various ingredients to cook those foods that they wanted to try all along. Consumers who are missing restaurant foods are willing to taste the food cooked in restaurant style but at home from a family member. This is not only bringing out cooking skills of a person also family gather to cook and taste the food. This is newfound joy and entertainment in many people life. Discussion about ingredients, calories, health aspects of the food they are trying is giving more insights into food that they should be consuming to avoid unhealthy choices and for a better healthy life.

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Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: February 2, 2021

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