Today is tomorrow's yesterday

Today is tomorrow’s yesterday

Human mind wonders in the present, past and future. We always think about our future and what happens tomorrow. We give our best to be safe and happy tomorrow.

While focusing on tomorrow we also have tendency to lose focus on today which is present!

Sometimes we worry what is going to happen tomorrow and sometimes we also look forward for tomorrow.

Instead of keep worrying and destroying our happiness thinking about past and tomorrow, we should learn to live in the present and make best out of it.

How you should receive tomorrow? Here are few best quotes that can inspire you!

Worrying doesn’t take away tomorrow’s problems. It will take away today’s peace – Anonymous : Instead of worrying find out solution, prepare your mind for the situation. “Hope for the best, stop worrying, start living”


Always end the day wit positive thought: It helps to clear the mind and to start fresh next morning.tomorrowpositive-healthylife-werindiaMake good choices today: You will not regret it. Whether it is friends, job, career and anything – chose carefully!



Always stay strong. Express your opinion wisely. You may get hurt several times, but it is what prepares you for tomorrow and you will be strong enough to face life.

Yes, don’t forget today is going to be yesterday of tomorrow’s. Focus on solution and find out ways to handle any situation that might come in your way. Be confident and be strong!


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Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: May 21, 2018

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