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Learn How To Relax Through Guided Imagery

The degree of stress that we go through depends on the situation and the way we response to the situation. When you go through too much of stress, friends and family may suggest change of scene or  you may wish that you could be in somewhere else where there is no stress or a place to relax. You might imagine being on the beach, visiting a beautiful place or traveling some place.

This imagination might give some peace. A guided imagery will help you to feel better, to regain peace and calmness. How to achieve the peace through guided imagery?

Our body and mind are connected. As the mind imagines that you are traveling somewhere or in a place where you want to be, you should feel it inside and experiencing the feeling will help you to achieve the peace. It is a self heal process.

Guided imagery will help you to feel like being in the place to achieve stress free life. For example sitting on a beach where breeze is hitting your body and face, listening to sound of waves or in midst of nature where birds are chirping

One can go through guided imagery through audio or script or through self-created video.

Guided imagery can be done at any place – at work, home, while traveling in a bus or when you stressed out and need change.

How to follow guided imagery?

Wherever you are-

  • Find a comfortable place. Sit or if possible lie down
  • Close your eyes and breath – inhale and exhale.
  • Now for a second think where you want to be now. Start imagining the place or scene. Imagine how the place should be. Do you want Sun shine, floral scent, flowers and tropical set or a beech, clear blue sky or a meadow where the deer grazing or forest floor full of ferns.
  • Adding some more imagination like walking on beech, creating a path in the forest, watching birds, mountains, dessert, looking at flowers in the meadow, walking bear foot on grass under the blue sky – imagine different scenes that make you feel better.
  • Once you totally feel that you are in the scene and as it starts relaxing you, continue inhale and exhale with the imagination.
  • Note in your mind, what is that making you feeling relaxed in the scene. Is it green grass, meadow, birds, waves, wild flowers – note down. Next time when you are stressed plan to visit the place in your imagination.
  • Once you feel totally relaxed and stress free, bring your sense back to the present.
  • Stretch the body from head to toe and take a deep breath.
  • Open the eyes and get up slowly. Notice how you feel – better or worse or no change. If answer is worse or no change, repeat the process but by imagining you are in a different place this time, that might help to relax.

This guided imagery is simple yet effective way to release stress and feel better to give and receive positive thoughts and energy.

Image credit: Image by K. H. J. / MCI from Pixabay (Free for commercial use)

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: September 24, 2023

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