How to heal oneself

How Self Love Helps to Heal Oneself

There are numerous reasons in life to be unhappy, sad, and have a broken heart. Likewise, there are many ways one can heal oneself to get back to normal life and be happy. Self-love is one reason that helps us to heal fast. If we learn how to repair our heart by taking loving ourselves, by respecting our inner self it will take us to the road of recovery very soon.

What we need to keep in mind is, we need to have patience, self-compassion, and practice to get there. Healing process- depending on the situation the process takes time. Loving oneself will keep negativity away.

  1. Focus on healing: Instead of worrying about what others say or think about us, focus on healing. We cannot control what others think about us, we can only focus on our energy and positive thoughts. This will enhance the process of healing.
  2. Positive thoughts: Allow your mind only to positive energy, positive thoughts. Surround yourself with people who encourage and help you with their uplifting energy. If you feel you are vulnerable to some talk, then move away and stay away from negative talk. Positive thoughts will bring the best out of you.
  3. Discourage negative thoughts: Train yourself to be away from negative thoughts. If you are falling into the negative thought, force yourself to move to positive thought by breaking the negative loop. The best is to find a way to distract negative thoughts before you settle in the loop. Do something about it – go for walk, find a good friend, shake your head, dance – just move out from negative thoughts.
  4. Compliment yourself: To uplift your mood, think about the best qualities you have. Remember the incidents where and when you were praised. Talk about it- even if nobody is around you, just talk to yourself about it. Get the reassurance of your ability and capacity to do stuff and this will help you to heal fast by bringing confidence.
  5. Help those who are in need: Expressing kindness is good for the nervous system. When you are there for someone when they need it most it makes you feel better by knowing that you are making another person who is at receiving end is feeling better too.
  6. Music, dance, and entertainment: Music and movement are soothing. When we listen to music that we love to hear, it uplifts the energy. Similarly, dancing is good for the body as moving with music brings joy and ultimately helps to heal.
  7. Smiling: When we smile, we not only look attractive, also will get connected. We receive positive vibes from people who feel connected with us. This brings joy and peace to mind.
  8. Meditation: Both prayer and meditation helps to focus on one’s inner self and keeps centered. Meditation makes us less vulnerable to negative energy and prayer boosts our confidence.
  9. Spending time with nature: Nature is a natural healer. Spending time in hiking, gardening, bird watching, or such activities where you feel nature welcomes you, you will feel healed.
  10. Exercise, yoga, Pilates: Any physical activity should bring cheer to your life. If you are practicing yoga and you achieve a perfect pose or challenge yourself to a balancing pose and achieve success or completing that 5K walk will bring self-discipline. Self-discipline increases inner strength and the healing process.

These are few ways to love oneself to heal oneself. Because both mind and body are inner connected any positive physical achievement influences the mind and vice versa. Ultimately, if we heal ourselves, it leads to success and growth.

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: June 14, 2021

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