Kukkutasana pose

Arm balance pose Kukkutasana Rooster Pose

Kukkutasana is an ancient yoga pose, that has been in yoga practice from thousand years. It is one the advanced yoga pose that require hand strength and focusing.  This pose is also known as rooster pose because the posture looks like cockerel. Another name for the pose is sthambhasana. In ancient texts of yoga, result of performing Kukkutasana is described as ‘ on performance, the matter of earth and water in the body will get reduces and the matter of air and fire will get increased’.

This pose is practiced in Ashtanga yoga practices as a challenging pose for yogis and it offers multiple health benefits.

Kukkutasana Benefits:

  • Strengthens whole body by using biceps, triceps, core, pelvic floor muscles and gluteus.
  • It improves digestion and tones abdominal muscles
  • Helps to focus, brings stability to body and improves balance
  • Promotes self confidence
  • Increases flexibility in legs, arms, hips
  • Helps to stimulate adrenal gland give sense of accomplishment.
  • Brings down stress and improves mood, helps to remain calm
  • Brings awareness to body by acting on central nervous system, keeps body alert and in good health.
  • It creates awareness in Muladhara chakra and brings yogi close to spiritual path that helps to keep mind and body focused on the present.

Women who are pregnant should avoid this posture. People who have pain in shoulders and joints, sciatica pain and lower back pain, osteoporosis must avoid trying this pose.

How to perform Kukkutasana?

  1. Sit in lotus posture. Insert arms in between thighs and calves as close as to knees
  2. Place both palms on floor, fingers pointing forward
  3. Lift your body by pressing palm on floor. Arms should be in straight line
  4. Straighten head and back. Focus on an object that does not move infront of you.
  5. Take three breaths in the pose
  6. To come out from the pose, slowly release the lotus pose, bring bottom on the floor, release both arms.
  7. If you feel comfortable doing the pose, alternate leg in lotus posture and repeat the  pose slowly, steadily by focusing front.

Follow up poses after kukkutasana are:

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Kennguru / CC BY-SA (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0)

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: October 9, 2020

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