Steam respiratory inhaler

Steam Respiratory Inhaler

The inflammation of nose leads to stuffy nose. One of the Covid-19 symptom is accumulation of phlegm /mucus and fluid in the nasal passage as well as in lungs. Steam respiratory inhaler eases breathing problem.

Breathing moist and warm steam helps to ease the irritation and prevents accumulation of fluid. It also reduces irritation and eases swelling of blood vessels in nasal passages. Moisture helps to thin the mucus in sinuses and makes it easy to clean and empty the nose. It brings back the normal breathing.

One can do warm steaming at home using regular kitchen vessels. But respiratory steam inhaler (like Vicks or Mypurmist) that are available as medical devices come with temperature regulation and easy to use. This can be used regularly to keep nasal passage moist and to prevent viral intrusion minimum. One can handle these devices easily. If someone tests positive for Covid-19 having respiratory steam inhaler help for easy access and person can be restricted to a room while using steam inhaler.

Steam inhalation provides temporary relief from – congestion, flu, sinus infections, nasal allergies, bronchitis and breathing issues due to common cold. It will not kill virus responsible for infection but makes the person feel better.

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Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: July 31, 2020

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