Saffron for skin and hair

Saffron for skin & hair

Saffron for skin :  Presence of vitamins and antioxidants makes saffron one of the desired ingredient in cosmetic industry. It is known to lighten the skin and gives a glowing look.

The anti-inflammatory property helps skin to reduce fluffiness and soothes skin. It helps to treat acne, lightens skin, gives radiant look, brings back life to dull and dry looking skin. Apart from these benefits it also improves skin texture and tones skin. It is a good home remedy for wounds and scars.

In fact, the literature also say that warriors in the history were using saffron extracts to treat wounds, removing scars and to remove any spots on skin.

Saffron for hair: Antioxidant present in saffron helps to prevent hair loss. It is known to repair follicles and promotes good hair growth. Alopecia condition which is severe hair loss can be treated with saffron. It is an antidote for hair damage.

Author: HealthyLife | Posted on: August 14, 2018

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