Quinoa And Soup

Quinoa and Soup


Quinoa is rich with nutrients and supplies fiber and protein. Eating quinoa for breakfast or lunch helps to reduce weight. After consuming quinoa one won’t feel like going after snacks and fried items as the stomach feels satisfied with the fiber that is sitting inside. It is especially good for vegetarians who wants to lose weight with a good dietary fiber that also provides energy! Moreover, quinoa has less Glycemic index!!


Water content and vegetable fibers from vegetarian soup makes it one of the best choice to lose weight. Just don’t add too much cream or butter in your soup. People who consume soup regularly are less likely to be overweight. Soup is filling and eating hot soup by spoon forces person to slow down on eating .  It also helps in easy digestion and promotes metabolism. Have soup in the beginning of meal and you will reach your goal fast! Traditional Indian soup “rasam” is one of the best soup that one should try for weight loss!

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Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: February 16, 2018

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