Importance of prone lying

Importance of prone lying

Physical position affects the distribution and volume of air in the lungs and can have direct effects on the expansion or collapse of the delicate alveoli that permit the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the blood. It has long been known that the supine position—lying on the back—can be detrimental to underlying pulmonary function, particularly for patients on mechanical ventilation. Like many in-hospital procedures, mechanical ventilation is typically administered in the supine position (Ref:

Practicing timely proning helps patients to feel better.

  • Prone positioning improves ventilation, keeps alveolar units open and breathing easy
  • Proning is required only when the patient feels difficulty in breathing and the oxygen level decreases below 94
  • Regular monitoring of blood oxygen along with other signs like temperature, blood pressure and blood sugar is important during home isolation.
  • Missing out on hyposmia or compromised oxygen circulation may lead to complications or worsen the complications
  • Timely proning and maintaining good ventilation could save many lives

Image credit: Ministry of Health, Govt of India

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: May 11, 2021

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