Finger Lime and Buddha's Hand

Finger Lime and Buddha’s Hand

Finger lime: As the name suggests, finger limes are elongated Australian limes.  It tastes like a lemon or lime.

It produces pungent oil in skin when squeezed. It tastes unique with grapefruit note.  It is famous because of its unique look.

The juicy vesicles used for garnishing dishes looks like caviar and is called lime caviar. Fruits are slender about 3 inches long with thin skin.

Outer skin is purplish, greenish black to light green or rusty red. Fruit skin is dried and used as spice. The tangy flavor makes it perfect for pickles and marmalade.

Buddha’s hand: Have you ever seen branched lemon fruit? It is a wild look of lemon or you can say lemon gone wild!

Buddha’s hand is a unique fruit of citrus variety with sweet and lemon blossom aroma. It does not have juice or pulp. The pith inside is not bitter.

The main use of using this fruit is as lemon zest or used as whole. It is used in candy, zest  with sugar and salt, alcohol drinks ,  raw used while steaming tofu and used as ornamental.


  • Image credit: Hirt’s garden (Buddha’s hand),

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Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: April 25, 2018

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