Smartphone App to detect food poisoning

Smartphone App to detect food poisoning !

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Ovarian cancer originates from Fallopian tubes!

Evidence from new research work suggests that most common type of ovarian cancer may originate in the fallopian tubes and not from the ovaries

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Basics of Healthy Dating

Basics of Healthy Dating

Valentine’s day is behind us and many relationships are formed and may be broken too!

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World Cancer Day

February 4th is Cancer is World Cancer Day. To lower the risk of cancer all of us can do something, something good to our body by taking actions.

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The Yellow Book of FSSAI

Have you heard about FSSAI’s The Yellow Book? It is a guide to safe and nutritious Food at Indian Schools.

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How to prevent flu

According to CDC cases of flu – influenza have reached epidemic proportions. It is touching all parts of United States killing at least 20 children. CDC has suggestion for public on how to prevent flu

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Celebration of Makara Sankranthi

Celebration of Science & Spirituality: Makar Sankranthi

The Sun stands for knowledge, spiritual light and wisdom. Its message is that of light, unity, equality and true selflessness.

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Weight loss Fat Patch is trialled in US

Scientists have come up with a new invention “ needle covered patch”, weight loss fat patch that dissolves body fat wherever we stick it!

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