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How to Maintain a Healthy Mind and Body

Most of us make the mistake of forgetting that having a healthy body goes hand-in-hand with a healthy mind and increases our

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Help others to stay fit

Help loved ones to stay fit

One of the most popular new year’s resolution is to stay fit, stay lean and stay healthy.

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Memory Booster: Gotu Kola (Ondelaga ,Timire) Dishes

If you are in India, probably you will see a runner plant often on roadsides and paddy fields or in farms that have beautiful heart shaped leaves with tender stems.

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How Yoga Calms the Mind and Body ?

Yoga is famous for its ability to heal and bring peace of mind.

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PM Modi hails UN decision on Yoga

Yoga Poses From Ancient Hindu Scriptures

Derived from the Sanskrit word yuj, Yoga means union of the individual consciousness or soul with the Universal Consciousness or Spirit.

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Practice Yoga and Live Life to its full potential

Practice Yoga and Live Life to its full potential : Part 3

Click here to know some more examples of benefits of practicing yoga.

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Menopause - Alternative Treatment

Menopause – Alternative treatment

There are several alternatives as well as supplements available for menopause condition.

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Crane or Crow Pose (Bakasana /Kakasana)

Crow pose or crane pose is one the first arm balance pose most students learn in yoga

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