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Leaving shoes outside

Why to leave shoes outside

Leaving shoes outside :Reasons to leave shoes outside the house or in designated place:

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Home remedies for phlegm

Home remedies for phlegm

To control and reduce phlegm some herbal and home remedies one can try.

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Community engagement during outbreak

Community Engagement during disease outbreak

Social, medical and political are three aspects that are intimately intertwined with disease outbreaks. We are seeing and witnessing social media impact, political response and medical aspects of the current COVID-19 outbreak.

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community dynamics and outbreak

Community dynamics and dealing with outbreak

Fourth, fifth and sixth key points that community should be aware of disease outbreak are

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Valid communication of disease

Achieving proper communication methods to create awareness of outbreak

Last few points are regarding how to approach outbreak, identify, communicate to stop the fear in people. In the era of social media, internet browsing – more information is available.

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Community role COVID19

Ensuring effective community engagement

Ensuring effective community engagement :Following three elements are needed for communities and for field responders.

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Namaste keeps germs away

Greet with Namaste to keep germs away

These type of physical contacts of individuals can transfer the germs from one person to another. Not all the time we are in proximity of hand sanitizer or water to wash our hands.

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Eat right health kit

Health kit Food Safety Magic Box to make you eat right

Indian Government is taking various, different steps to improve and keep its citizen healthy and fit. Recently, The Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare of India is planning to launch testing kits that helps to eat right!

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