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Kids - How to control body odor?

Kids – How to control body odor?

You don’t need to wear branded clothes to look good and feel good. To feel good and to improve your self-esteem, you should be healthy and clean.

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Handling temper tantrum of a child

Handling temper tantrum of child

If the little fellow throwing tantrums and becoming aggressive in his behavior it means, the toddler is becoming an independent individual.

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Swimming safety tips for kids

Help your kid to swim safely

Pools that pose the greatest risk of entrapment are children’s public wading pools, in-ground hot tubs, or any other pools that have flat drain grates or a single main drain system.

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Pollen Attack

Pollen Allergy in Kids

Seasonal allergy also known as “hay fever” in children can be very irritable and can be very severe.

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Is your child sleeping enough?

Is your child sleeping enough?

It can be very tough to figure out exactly how much sleep your child needs and when he or she should go to sleep, especially because your child’s

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Summer fun for kids

Summer holiday fun bucket list for kids

Kids have you ever wondered what to do during long summer holidays? Apart from spending time with your smart phone, computer and video games there are so many things to do during a beautiful summer

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Piggy Bank Savings

Piggy Bank Savings – How to teach kids to save money?

Are we rich? Kids often ask this question. This innocent question can be answered in a way that emphasizes family values such as smart savings and responsible spending.

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Keep baby germ free and safe

Keep your baby germ free and safe

What is important is to make sure that cleaning the areas and keep practicing hygiene in everyday helps for children to learn and they follow the instructions as they grow and go to schools and other public places.

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