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Important safety rules for kids

It is very critical and important to give information about personal safety tips to kids. Once they start understanding what you are trying to tell them, talk to your kids clearly and slowly how to take care of their safety and why you may not accompany them all around.  Talking often and repeating the importance of safety will help them to act and take care of themselves during emergency. This is not about instilling fear in children, it is about helping kids understand the importance of safety and not getting hurt.

Safety #1 : Know your full name, home address and phone number:

It is very important to teach kids their basic contact information. Do not think that your kids are small and may not remember. Teach and ask them every day -name and address. They will remember and answer. In case of an emergency – like lost in the crowd they should be able to express themselves.  In addition tell and show kids which is the closest landmark to your home.  When you take them in a crowd insert a note of your address in kids pocket in a plastic envelop. Help kid to memorize parents name, grandparents name, nanny’s name and school name.

Safety #2 Do Not talk to stranger and do not eat anything given by a stranger:

  • Teach your kids about not eating chocolates, candies or ice cream from hands of a stranger. Tell them not to receive anything from a stranger. Explain them who is a stranger – whom the kid has not met so far, someone from the street and give examples. Tell them no matter how tempting is the treat it is dangerous accept food from anyone.  Tell them to refuse to take and teach them to move away from the person.  If a stranger offers to drop at home ask them to refuse. Tell them not to talk to stranger. Ask them to be in the midst of friends always.
  • Teach kid a secret code. If stranger tells them “your mom/dad asked you to pick you up” in return ask stranger about the secret code. When stranger unable to tell – it means to move away or call someone to help. Always send a known person to pick up the kid from games, schools and other places. Never ask strangers help.
  • Tell kids not to meet someone without or invite them home without parents’ permission
  • Tell them not to write to someone who has made them uncomfortable or scared.
  • Tell kids that if someone tries to contact on internet not to talk to them and inform parents immediately. A person who says that he might be a 11 year old boy can be an older man!
  • Tell kids not to send a photograph, give phone number or address to any strangers whom they find on internet.
  • They should not give passwords to anyone else – even to best friends
  • Without your permission they should not download and install any software to computers.

Safety #3 Do not walk alone:

It is important for your kids to know that they should not walk alone home or cross the yard alone. There should be always a known adult should be accompanying them.  Tell them not to walk alone in the woods, playground, in parks and give examples what can happen. Narrate them the difference between walking in park and walking on road sides.

Safety #4 Playing with fire is not good:

Teach kids not to play with fire and tell them it is absolutely not allowed anywhere. If they want to cook something let them know that you will need to supervise them.  Teach them how to be safe in presence of fire.  Forbid them to play with match boxes, lighters, stove, candles etc. Tell them to step out if the smoke alarms goes off  and be with an adult – neighbors, teachers – known people.

Safety #5 No one has right to touch your kids body:

Once the kid understands the basics, it is very important to teach about this safety. Tell about good touch and bad touch of body parts. Tell kid no one is allowed to touch the body except mommy and may be daddy. If anyone else touched the kids body then, kid should immediately shout for help to alert people around and inform parents about it.

Safety #6 If you get lost what to do?

In case the kid gets lost in a mall, super markets, function or public place ask them to stay right where they are.  If they find a cop /police, tell kid to seek their help. Or if there is a customer service desk available tell them to approach the customer service desk and stay there. Or tell them to stay inside the shop and not to move.

Children mind is very fragile and they believe what they see. We cannot blame them because they have not yet seen or experienced the world like us. To protect your kids from any harm set these safety rules and keep your kids safe.



Image credit: Photo by Vladislav Vasnetsov from Pexels (Free for commercial use)

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: November 16, 2017

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