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How To Help Kids to Get Ready In the Morning

Whether you are a working parent or not, when you have kids you have to make sure your kid is ready on time to step out to school morning. Struggle with young kids or teenagers to make them ready can give headache. But there are ways to help your kids to get ready on time to catch that school bus.

Get ready night before: Tell child to select clothes for their next day activities and let them select the clothes. Uniform or day dress with socks and all those accessories that they need can be placed in one designated place. Ask them what they want for lunch. If the kid is picky about what he or she needs for lunch give them choice. Prepare lunch and get plan for breakfast previous night.

Waking up: Set an alarm clock. Keep a kid alarm clock and let them set up alarm clock. This wake-up time will help them to get up on time on their own. It also teaches not only to be on time also responsibilities. Help them to make their bed and let them finish their morning routines.

Daily routine check list: During weekend sit with kid to prepare a schedule. Let kid remind you what need to be taken care. Morning routine like clothes, homework, books, lunch, art material etc. what they need to carry for next five days. Have a look at their school schedules and accordingly help them to add any missing materials or essentials. Involving kids in creating a routine for a week will help them to be regular and makes both of your lives easy.

Ask questions: Instead of nagging and scolding, ask kids what is in the schedule and what they are planning.  Previous day tell them to go through routine and check the list for next day. If they forgot something step in to help them keep things ready. Helping them few times will bring discipline in their lives.

Focus on tasks in hand: Young life is like that! It is hard for kids to keep focused. Sometimes it could be due to lack of motivation. Experts say, for younger kids’ visuals will help to stay focused. Draw pictures or cut out images from magazine that are relevant to kid’s activities. Paste it next to their daily schedules. Let them help you to select the pictures or let them draw the pictures. When kid is not focused on task, pretend you are not aware and ask what your plan is as per the list. Kid will be happy to remind you!

Young minds need motivation, encouragement, and good reasons to step outside from cozy, comfort, and loving environment especially when it comes to school. Just a bit of extra effort from parents will help them to get ready to step outside to have fun.

Image credit: Image by congerdesign from Pixabay (Free for commercial use)

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: May 20, 2021

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