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Tag: Benefits of Honey


Spiced honey citrus salad

Add little spice to honey to make it tastier and sprinkle it on citrus fruits with pomegranate seeds – you will have delicious citrus spiced honey salad

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Remedy for burns

Grandma’s Remedies for Minor Burns

It is natural to get burn when you cook. Lifting vessels, picking up spoon from the hot vessel or while preparing rotis etc once a while we burn our hands or fingers.

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Bee Species are spiraling towards extinction

347 Bee Species Are Headed For Extinction

Hundreds of bee species (347 species) are spiraling toward extinction. This is not good news. With bees comes honey and seeds.

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Natural Tips for Wrinkle Free Skin

Tips To Get Rid of Face Wrinkles

Try these easy and simple tips at home to get “wrinkle free” skin.

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Benefits of Panchamrutha

Positive benefits of Panchamrutha

Panchamrutha (sanskrit) is a sacred mixture of five healthy ingredients.

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