Happy Mother's Day

This Mother’s Day And Other Days Be There For Your Mom

There is a popular quote by Will Leamon ‘Because God Could Not Be Everywhere, Therefore He Made Mothers”

Every year in many parts of the world, the second Sunday of May month is celebrated as Mother’s Day. It is to honor, show respect and love to the woman who gave birth, stood strong, sacrificed, helped the children to shape life. How the Mother’s Day celebration started?

History of Mother’s Day:

In 1900s Anna Jarvis who was daughter of Ann Reeves Jarvis in USA initiated Mother’s Day to honor the sacrifices her mother made for the children. In May 1908 Anna Jarvis, organized first Mother’s Day celebration in a Church in West Virginia. She was financially supported by a Philadelphia Departmental store owner namely John Wanamaker who also organized Mother’s Day in Philadelphia store. Thousands of people participated in the event and later followed by its success Mother’s Day International Association was formed to promote the cause.

Anna Jarvis persistence to establish Mother’s Day was paid off in 1914 when president Wilson signed a measure to establish second Sunday of May as Mother’s Day. Jarvis was unmarried and had no children in her life. She wanted to add Mother’s Day in National calendar. Her efforts resulted in the recognition of Mother’s Day.

In the coming years, Mother’s Day became highly commercialized and Anna Jarvis who started the Mother’s Day began openly campaigning against those who profited from Mother’s Day including florists, retailers, bakery, confectioners etc. She spent most of her inheritance on legal fees.

Do you know? Mother’s Day is clubbed with International Women’s Day in many countries. While many of the countries celebrate Mother’s Day on same day as US, there are few countries who celebrate Mother’s Day on different day.

Why Mother’s Day celebration is needed? In Hinduism there is prayer called Maathru Devo Bhava. In Sanskrit it means “ Mother is God”.

We all know how a mother makes our life easy and comfortable. Motherhood is not just raising children. It is also caring, protecting and showering love for her offspring. All countries who celebrate Mother’s day have one purpose to celebrate “to show love and respect to the lady who gave birth” . It is to honor the mothers and women who have brought love, affection, peace and improvement not only to families but also to the world. It is a day that reminds us what mothers do for us. It is to show the utmost gratitude to mother.

It is very essential for us to show our affection to our mothers who fulfill duties in bringing us up. Our parents sacrifice a lot for our happiness and to fulfill dreams. As we grow, we should reciprocate and be responsible humans by showing affection and taking care of parents. A kid is mother’s child always even if he is 50 or 60, a leader, entrepreneur, business tycoon, actor. Mother has the capacity to shower unconditional love at all circumstances.  This distinguished quality makes her unique in a child’s life. Mother’s love is also emotional, she is first person who recognizes when we are sick, she understands our emotions, recognizes our problems without we even telling her. She knows how to comfort her child and make child feel better.

Mother has a much difficult task in a family. She is the bridge between children and father. She is the strength of the family and she works hard to keep family happy and safe. Mother’s Day was established and celebrated on Sunday to give mother rest and happiness.

Those gifts that we give sure matter to mothers and they will happily accept anything that we give. However, they will be happier if we be there for her and show how much we care, love and respect their selfless act. In fact, if we should think that each day is Mother’s Day and we should be there for her when she needs us. As children we should be grateful and thankful for Mother’s efforts in our upbringing, for her unconditional love and support that she keeps providing us throughout her lifetime.

This Mother’s Day Let us celebrate motherhood, mother, sisters, respect aunts and all those motherly personalities who are part of our lives.

Image credit: Imagen de Mollyroselee en Pixabay (CC BY 0)

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: May 11, 2023

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