Be a good guest

Being a Good Guest Does Not Cost You Anything

While visiting someone’s home one might observe many things related to the host life. Whether your visit is for a short while or staying with them for few days, there are certain things you should consider that does not hurt the host.

Employing some care and thoughtfulness, respecting the host is very important for your relationship with host. Here are few suggestions to be a good guest.

  1. Inform the host: Sometimes it can be a surprise visit, but it is always better to inform the host well in advance about your visit. You never know what the condition in their house could be and whether they are in a status to host you.
  2. Bring something: If host is available and tell you to come down, ask do you want me to bring something or anything. Host might say no. Still carry something like flowers, desserts, fruits, cut fruits, low maintenance house plant (if they fond of plants) etc.
  3. Uninvited guest: Without informing do not take uninvited guest. If you want someone to accompany you, think whether it is an intimate get-together. Will the presence of an uninvited guest changes purpose of your visit? If so, then don’t ask host whether you can bring another guest with you.
  4. To remove shoes or not: Some household does not want you to wear shoes inside. They might have elderly parents or toddlers or could be any reasons.
  5. While you are a guest: Do not ask too personal questions, be gentle and don’t make fun of host or criticize host.  Focus on topic, listen to host. If host children have around acknowledged them and be sensible not to talk too much about your son or daughter’s achievement unless they ask. Keep it precise. While using their bathroom make sure to flush the toilet and wash hands.

6. Do not be on the phone: It is a sheer disrespect to be on phone while talking to someone. Unless it is urgent, do not receive the call or make a call. If you must, apologize to host before attending a call.

7. Do not snoop: Do not open the cupboards, drawers, or pantry. If tempted, withhold yourself. Use their computer only by permission but do not get into their personal files.

8. Do not put your feet up on the furniture. It is not appropriate to do so in someone’s else house.

9. If you are a smoker: Do not smoke inside the house. Anyway, smoking is injurious to health.

10. Do not complain: If you did not like something do not complain. Instead request softly if you need something. If their cleaning standards is not up to your expectation do not judge and do not say anything.

11. Leave the house as scheduled: Understand what time host go to bed. Pay attention to their needs and leave accordingly.

12. If staying for a day or more: Keep the guest room clean, make bed and do your laundry. Before leaving make sure you don’t leave a mess behind. Carry your own towels, blankets, and toiletries. Carry your phone chargers and power bank. Do not deplete host resources. If your stay is more than few days, take host out for a meal or dinner. Help in kitchen, do some dishes. If you step outside let the host know what time your coming and goings. Do not treat their house like a hotel. If they are watching TV shows, have a healthy discussion about show or politics.

These suggestions will keep up good relationship with your relatives or friends. In this world being courteous and maintaining relationship is important. After you leave your host, do not gossip about their lives, or pass negative comments with anybody. Do not make your host regret inviting you home. When you are good guest, you will see more hosts in your life.

Image credit: Image by Romjan Aly from Pixabay (Free for commercial use)

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: August 17, 2023

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