Everyday tricks and tips for girls

Twelve Everyday Tricks and Tips for Girls

Looking for easy quick tips and/or tricks to get ready to step out? Depending on the occasion, we all take more or less time to get ready. We all look for readily available tricks that lost long and help us feel comfortable throughout the day. These below mentioned tips could help you to get ready, save your time, energy and of course money too!

  1. Easy way to make perfume last: Take bit of Vaseline in your finger tip and apply a bit on wrist, neck and chest. Spray the perfume on it. Vaseline helps to keep perfume stick to skin for longer time and you feel fresh for the day.
  2. Banana peel: If you are regular coffee drinker and want to whiten your teeth before stepping out, grab banana peel. Use white portion of the peel and rub on teeth! You will see the magic.
  3. Smelly arm pit? Cut a lemon into half and gently rub underarm with little baking soda. Not only under arm darkness disappears, also the smell.
  4. No time to clean smelly shoe? Use tea-bags for this one. Place tea bags in the shoes and leave it for few hours. Tea bags absorbs the odor and shoe feels fresh. This is temporary trick.  Don’t forget to wash shoes next time.
  5. Nail polish trick: If you are in a hurry to dry nail polish, instead of blowing on nails, dip your fingers in ice water. This will help to set the nail polish and there won’t be any mess.
  6. Want to dry hair fast? Don’t want to use hair dryer? Then use a clean cotton T -shirt. Wrap the T-shirt around hair just like towel and the water gets absorbed fast and easily.
  7. Working on oily skin: While having oily skin is great, sometimes it could take more time to apply make up and also when oil comes on surface, you might need to reapply the makeup. Solution? Mix apple cider vinegar and water in equal portion. Apply a think coat on skin before going to bed. Morning using warm water wash the face. Balancing skin pH is essential to prevent oil in skin. Vinegar helps in keeping skin hydrated.
  8. Chaffing problem? Skin irritation can result in canceling your program. Mix coconut oil and corn starch – apply on affected area. You will feel better.
  9. Worried about winter lips? Apply honey on your lips during winter night. Leave it for couple of minutes and wash with lukewarm water. You will have soft, smooth lips.
  10. Worried about lipstick? Here is a quick tip. After applying lipstick, close mouth and place a piece of paper towel on the lips. Now sprinkle little face powder on the paper towel. Remove paper towel. Your lipstick stays for long time.
  11. Finger and toe nails care: If you don’t want to go for manicure and pedicure, to strengthen and keep nails beautiful try applying toothpaste on nails once a while.
  12. Rough knees? Worried about wearing skirt? Apply a mixture of lemon juice, baking soda and honey. Leave it for an hour. Wash using warm water. If you wish you can add turmeric instead of baking soda.

These beauty tips and care are quick solutions for those who don’t have time and money to spend.  It is always good to keep skin, hair, nails, eyes in good condition with proper diet and healthy lifestyle.

Image credit: Image by Rondell Melling in Pixabay ( free for commercial use)

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: October 28, 2022

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