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Eleven Routine Hair Care Tips To Maintain Healthy Hair

Not all hair types are same. To have a shiny and healthy growing hair one must put some effort. To keep hair in good condition following a routine hair care tips will help.

  1. Wash hair using lukewarm water: Hot water removes the oil and makes hair dry and dull. This causes hair fall and breakage at hair end. Use lukewarm water to leave some oil content behind and keep hair intact.
  2. Apply hair oil regularly: Coconut oil is good for hair. If you apply coconut oil you can leave hair without washing for three to four days. If you are using any other oil you need to wash hair after few hours. Applying oil to hair helps to keep its color and texture. Oil nourishes growing hair.
  3. Use herbal shampoo: Use natural herbal shampoo to wash hair. Apply shampoo on scalp and it will help to remove any dead scalp skin cells. Using herbal shampoo with protein further nourishes the hair. One can use shikakai, soapnut, hibiscus leaves to wash hair.
  4. Condition your hair: Hair conditioning helps to keep moisture and same time keeps oil content. Conditioning hair helps to protect the hair from heat. Applying conditioner gives silky, smooth hair and regular conditioning helps protects the locks from the possible damage caused by curling irons,  blow dryers, and flat irons.
  5. Do not comb wet hair: To avoid hair fall, avoid combing wet hair. When hair is wet, root of hair will be damaged and could lead to hair pulling from scalp.
  6. Never blow hair dry using high heat: It is always better to dry hair by exposing to sun light. If you would prefer to use blow dry, then avoid setting blow-dryer to high. High setting can burn the hair and damage the hair.  Use warm or cool setting and keep distance from hair.
  7. Do not use abrasive hair ties: Use hair clip to instead of hair bands. Hair clips are better options as there won’t be tension and stress on hair stands.
  8. Avoid alcohol products: If you are into hair spray, and use chemicals to keep hair intact and to look shiny, beautiful then avoid products that contain alcohol as ingredient.
  9. Do not sleep with hair tied up: This could lead  breakage of hair as the hair tugs. Leave the hair down or use simple braid to tie up lose hair before going to sleep.
  10. Release and relax hair: If you are lot into ponytails, then note that too much pulling hair for longer period causes strain on root hair. After your day run, release the hair and wear a loose ponytail or tie the hair using simple braid or use a hair clip to tie. This will release all the tension that the scalp went through.
  11. Maintain hydration: Hair needs to be hydrated. Dampen your hair using leave in hair cream or practice oil sealing. This protects the hair from damage and improves hair texture and health.

Image credit: Image by annafill28 from Pixabay (Free for commercial use)

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: July 27, 2021

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