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Home remedies of Indian Changeri Oxalis

Home remedies of Indian Changeri Oxalis: -Oxalis sp. also known as Sorrel Changeri or Indian Changeri (O. corniculata) is a common, indigenous plant that appears everywhere. Commonly considered as a weed Oxalis has many good qualities. This plant leaves have culinary benefits and can be used for many remedies. In traditional systems of Ayurveda, Unani and Siddha Medicines Oxalis plays an important role. Taste of leaves is sour-acidic and slightly sweet and it is somewhat like tamarind taste.  It is a good source of Vitamin C.

Culinary uses:

  1. In many small towns and villages of India people use leaves for preparing tasty dishes. Rasam, raita with coconut, green chutney and for salad. It also replaces tamarind for spicy sambar dish.
  2. Oxalis rasam: Instead of adding, tomato, tamarind or lime juice for traditional rasam, one can add oxalis leaves and prepare rasam with daal. It has a unique taste.
  3. Oxalis spicy buttermilk: Oxalis leaves paste added to buttermilk along with little green chilli, cumin, asafetida, salt and seasoned with mustard and curry leaves has a special taste.
  4. Oxalis chutney: Just like coriander chutney one can prepare green chutney using Oxalis leaves. No need to add lime juice or tamarind as Oxalis leaves itself has sour taste.

Home remedies:

The extract of Oxalis leaves in Ayurveda is called Changeri swarasa. It has many useful health benefits and cures many conditions.

  1. For insect bites: Oxalis leaf juice helps in reducing the itching and pain of insect bite. It also reduces the swelling caused by insect bites.
  2. For indigestion: Oxalis leaf juice mixed in buttermilk should be taken for indigestion. Add cumin and salt for this oxalis buttermilk – it controls indigestion and helps in easy digestion. Another way to control indigestion is – boil the oxalis leaves in water and cool. Add buttermilk to cooled water and drink.
  3. For chronic dysentery: Extract oxalis juice and add to 1 tsp of juice add 1 tsp of honey and consume twice a day.
  4. Jaundice cure: Twice a day mix about 2 tsp of oxalis juice in one cup buttermilk and drink.
  5. For piles: Oxalis Changeri ghrita (=ghee/clarified butter) helps in curing problems related to piles and intestine.
  6. Cosmetic application: Oxalis leaves paste with sandal wood applied helps to release wrinkles.
  7. Low appetite: Green chutney with oxalis, ginger and mint leaves increases appetite.
  8. Knee and joint pain:
  • Oxalis juice with garlic – grinded and made to a paste can be applied for joint pain. It reduces swelling and pain.
  • Another way to use it is, frying oxalis leaves in castor oil and use as poultice on the joint pain.
  1. For headache: Apply paste of oxalis leaves to get relief from headache. One can add fresh corn of few green (black) pepper along with oxalis. Prepare paste and apply on both sides of forehead.
  2. For good sleep: Oxalis juice also heals insomnia and reduces sleep problem.

Indian sorrel contains high concentration of oxalic acid. People who have rheumatism, gout or kidney stones should avoid using Oxalis.

Grandma’s remedies:









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