Sugar apple benefits

Why we should consume Sugar apple

Annona squamosa or sugar apple (sweet sop) is a very sweet to taste. It is bit pricey and available in only certain time of the year. When available consume this fruit because of its tremendous health benefits. Fruit has a outer skin in the form rind, which is thick and has knobby segments. These segments separate when the fruit is ripe. Inner flesh is white or slightly creamy white in color. It tastes like custard. Inside the fruit there will be many seeds (up to 40-50) based on size of the fruit. Fruit is therapeutic, nutritive as well as highly medicinal.

  1. Excellent source of Vitamin B, folate and good for lactating mothers and pregnant women
  2. It is also good source of iron and copper minerals that are essential for menstruating women to replenish lost minerals through blood flow.
  3. Contains Vitamin A, C and antioxidants that are needed for skin growth and skin health. Eating sugar apple helps to rejuvenate skin. It promotes production of collagen and reduces melanin pigmentation.
  4. Good for lungs as it contains Vitamin C – helps to fight against allergy and cold.
  5. Riboflavin and vitamin C – both are good for eyesight and is present in sugar apple
  6. Good amount of dietary fiber present in fruit and the natural sugar present in the fruit makes it safe to consume for people with heart conditions. It helps in easy digestion and acts as a good laxative.
  7. Presence of good amount of niacin helps to control cholesterol levels.
  8. It also contains good amount of iron and good for growing children.
  9. It supports immune system and helps to boost energy, reduces fatigue, tiredness and weakness.
  10. It contains good amount of potassium and helps in reducing blood pressure level.
  11. Magnesium and calcium content – both are present in high amount and consuming the sugar apple promotes healthy bones in children and young adults.
  12. Seed powder mixed with sesame or coconut oil can be used to control hair lice!
  13. Seed oil mixed with coconut oil is a good remedy for hair fall and helps in hair growth.
  14. Sugar apple has culinary application – used as ingredient of fruit salad, juice, ice cream, sweet desserts, custard apple powder.
  15. Leaves and leaf extracts, have medicinal uses such as cure for digestive problems and rheumatic pain. Smelling leaves reduces nausea, dizziness and fatigue.
  16. In traditional Indian medicine ripe fruits are crushed and mixed with salt and the concoction is applied on tumors.

When sugar apple is available? The Sugar Apple is available mid-summer into fall.







Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: January 21, 2019

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