Summer illness in kids

Summer Illness in Kids

Summer is time to enjoy and to explore new things. It is also time for family outing and go for long and short trips.

Children fall sick during summer for various reasons and some of the common diseases that are also outbreaks can make young body sick.

Taking precaution before and onset of a disease helps to reduce disease symptoms, illness and visits to the doctor.

  1. Boils: Skin boils erupts when the body is exposed to too much heat.
  2. Sunstroke: When children play outside in hot sun it results in heatstroke and children may develop fever.
  3. Allergy: Sun allergy, pollen allergy, dust allergy and allergy to insect bites are three common allergies children have in summer
  4. Food poisoning: Various types of outbreaks results in food poisoning and infections is common in summer. Watch for warning from your government websites or trusted health site. Salmonella, Malaria, measles, yellow fever, Vibrio are few examples of outbreaks reported in recent months.
  5. Food borne diseases: Many bacteria thrive on various types of food in hot summer. Watch out for old and left-over foods.
  6. Chicken pox: Red rash like spots or boils develops on body –contagious disease in summer.
  7. Mumps: Extremely contagious disease known to occur during peak summer.
  8. Water borne diseases: Children playing in water – swimming, drinking water from public sources that are not trust worthy results in cholera, typhoid, jaundice, dysentery, diarrhea, vomiting and other complications.
  9. Heat stroke, heat cramps, heat exhaustion and heat stroke – all related to hot Sun exposure

Precautions: Maintaining and following proper hygienic practices is critical to avoid any conditions.

  1. Avoid feeding cut fruits and foods from outside the house. Buy fresh fruits and vegetables and feed children at home.
  2. Carry water from home which children are used to drink
  3. Provide natural fluids to avoid dehydration. Coconut water, lemon juice and fresh fruit juices are good for children.
  4. Avoid giving fatty foods and heavy snacks. Look for change in appearance of food that is a day old including refrigerated food and discard such food.
  5. Before stepping outside in hot sun, apply or ask children to apply sunscreen with good SPF. Ask children to stay away from direct Sunlight.
  6. Provide protection from insect bites – use insect spray
  7. Cotton clothing, light weight and loose cloths helps children to breath and avoids dehydration.
  8. Schedule outdoor activities morning and evening hours
  9. Make sure your backyard does not have too many bushes and outgrown plants – it should be tick safe zone
  10. Do not let water sit around house or in pots. This results in mosquito growth.

To enjoy summer or any seasons take simple precautions that are necessary and keep your family safe and healthy.

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Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: April 7, 2022

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