Bee breathing & meditation for kids

Buzz like bee & practice breathing

Teaching kids yogic breathing can help their little lungs to face several conditions including COVID-19. Sit with your child and help them to concentrate and breath. When parents take part in kids activities it is a boon for their energy and kids will love it.

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Best children books

Best Ten Children Books for kids who Love Reading

If your child is one who does not want to watch TV and play video games, she or he might be interested in reading good and interesting books. Reading is a good habit and it helps children to stretch their mind by increasing the curiosity.

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Talk to kids about coronavirus

How to talk to kids about coronavirus outbreak?

While adults are worried about coronavirus breakout and how to protect family, kids also sense the tension in community, home and school about coronavirus.

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Help kids to express emotions

Help kids to express their emotions

As a parent or a teacher there are chances you come across a child who appears to be sad all the time. No smiles, not mingling with other children, does not play or does not talk much. Sometimes child may also throw tantrum.

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Keep Children Away From These Indoor Plants

Poisonous Indoor Plants & Kids Safety

Did you know that many indoor plants are not safe for kids and pets? Poisonouns plants contain chemicals that can cause severe reactions

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When to introduce spices to baby

When to introduce spices and herbs to kids

When baby is eight-month-old parents can slowly introduce various flavors. Do not add spices and herbs in baby’s first foods.

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Kids manners

Manners that kids should learn

Make time to teach some of these manners to kids and tell them why it is important

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21 Yoga poses to boost kids confidence

Best yoga poses for kids

Which are some poses that really can help children to get stronger, flexible and boost their confidence?Kids will enjoy this as it is fun to get into these poses.

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