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Prevent heart condition in kids

Prevent Heart Conditions In Children

Protecting kids’ heart health is crucial for their long-term health and for overall wellbeing. In kids obvious issues with the heart do not show as most of the time parents concentrate on other health issues. In case of congenital heart condition (CHD) during pregnancy or once the baby is born parents get know about it as it is a birth defect.

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How much sugar is too much

How much sugar is too much for kids

Added sugars are causing obesity in children and the calorie intake can cause harm for child’s growth by accumulating fat and results in weight gain. So how much sugar is too much for kids

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Major health concerns in kids

Must Know Top Health Issues of kids

Apart from common cold, fever and allergy issues kids also suffer from many other health issues that parents should be aware of. Many of these health issues go unnoticed or children might not able to express what is going on with them or they will be scared to express the issues that is happening.

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