Why kids should not drink soda

Why kids should not drink soda?

Soda is one of the common drink most household has. Whether it is a party day or regular day, it has become a practice to drink soda to “quench the thirst”! Why kids love to drink soda?

Because kids like to drink sweetened beverages than water and soda contains sugar and a taste that attracts children.

We know that drinking soda does not provide any nutrients for the body and as per American Academy of Pediatrics reports, added sugar in soda adds more calories.

An occasional sip of soda might not harm the child but it can make them feel want more soda.

Drinking soda more often can be detrimental for child’s health.

Reasons why it is not good for children to drink soda…

  1. There is no nutritional value or there is zero nutritional value in majority of soda
  2. Regular consumption of soda increases obesity and risk of developing diabetes later in life. Artificial sweeteners, citric acid, artificial flavors all these ingredients can only harm children health.
  3. Certain ingredients like MSG and citric acid known to cause disruptive behaviors in children and it can lead to ADHD, abnormal brain function and lack of focus.
  4. Soda might say empty calories on label but it contains caffeine. Caffeine content in soda has negative effect on children development.
  5. In addition, dentists are not fan of soda because of not just sugar content, also because of acid that erodes tooth enamel and increases dental cavities.
  6. Soda can also act as diuretics and dehydrate body. This can lead to stomach problem and improper digestive function.
  7. Soda also suppresses kid’s appetite and studies show that people who drink soda are deficient of calcium and other important nutrients in their body including vitamin A.
  8. Soda weakens kids’ bones -In teenagers, calcium deficiency results in weaker bones. Carbonated beverage consumption that is increasing in teenagers is a source of concern as kids who drink more soda are prone to broken bones!
  9. Researches demonstrated that large quantities of soda results in enhanced kidney stone formation! It also can result in elevation of uric acid, hypertension, risk of early menarche in girls is also a possibility. According to a study, girls who got more sweet drinks before age 9 gained more weight by age 13 and had prediabetes risk factors such as high BP, low HDL, big waistline.
  10. Increase in acidity, heartburn are two other conditions that kids can develop because of regular consumption of soda.

Encourage children to drink milk and cut back on sugary drinks and soda. Is occasional drinking soda is good? It might be okay, but you never know when the soda addiction starts in kids. Soda is addictive. Promotion, advertising and appearance of soda everywhere makes kids to fall for soda.

Once children drink soda, they will want to come back for more. What are the alternatives to soda? Fresh 100% fruit juices are better for children. Milk and water are good replacements.

Decaffeinated iced tea is a better choice too as teenagers love it. If you are buying fruit juice, look for less sugar containing juice or prepare juice at home.

Remember: Do not stock soda at home. It is not a daily treat to drink.


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Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: December 31, 2021

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