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Eyes on the Prize? Teach Children to have fun

Children love sports. Their participation in sports improves physique and confidence.  Children will also learn teamwork, develop leadership quality, character development, and look forward to attending school.

Sometimes winning is the only reason parents and teachers want their children to select sports. But for a child, participating in any games or sports events could be for having fun with their peers. The idea of winning a game more than participating in comes to children head when there is a pressure from adults. Competing in any events may have both positive and negative effect both on children. When there is an expectation to win, kid will undergo lot of tension and could only harm the development. It could bring stress and fear. The fear of losing can hurt a child.

How parents and teachers help children to focus on having fun rather than winning. Here are few suggestions.

·         Both parents and teachers (or coaches) must know that if a child gets good training without pressure he or she will perform well in the sports. If the sport in which child is participating is interesting for child, then he will put his heart through to learn and participate. There is no need to focus on always winning the game.

·         Don’t put pressure to perform: Never have unrealistic expectation from child. Understand the pressure the child goes through, support child by saying ‘ no matter what, have fun’ Encourage with simple words.

·         Child’s growth: Child’s development is an important factor that decides which field they should be in. during early stages of growth a child’s interest could be in football. As the child grow the interest can change into some other sports like cricket or chess. A child’s mental, physical development and changes in hormone are responsible for what sport they want to choose.

·         Positive look: Let kid have fun, being able to enjoy in what the kid wants to do should be the motto. They themselves might show interest in the sports that a parent want kid to be in. If not, it is alright. Put encouraging words in their ear, give positive feedback. This helps them to build confidence and they will appreciate your efforts.  

·         Having fun: When kids relax and play games, one can see its effect in the performance. Having fun improves their skills, supports their development and physically kids become stronger. It is the age for fun and not to undergo stress.

·         Mantra for success: Tell kids success means improving oneself by comparing how the performance was in previous time participation. Success is doing the best and not giving up. Positive approach towards whatever the position they win in a game is also success.

·         Good sportsmanship: Appreciating and applauding others talent, skill and win is good sportsmanship. Teach kids to develop positive attitude towards others who perform better than she or he. This will help child in future. A good sportsmanship means a better human being.

As kids grow, they should have good memories about their childhood. Sports being an important memory we should help children to enjoy and have fun with sports and not with hurtful experience.

Image credit: Image by Keith Johnston from Pixabay  (Free for commercial use)

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: July 2, 2021

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