Tips to control allergen in your bedroom

Tips to control allergen in your bedroom

An allergen is a general term used to describe something that causes an allergic reaction. They are actually tiny proteins found on certain substances like pollen, mold, foods, peanuts, milk etc.

Allergens also exist indoors like dust mites.

Only those who are prone to acquired sensitivity are regularly affected by these allergens.

Your bedroom is one important place where you will find dust and pet allergens. Do you know?

A report released from Allergy UK has found that among those with an indoor allergy, 77 percent experience symptoms in the bedroom, while 41 percent report that their symptoms are actually made worse by that room.

Here are important tips to keep your bedroom allergen free:

1. Wipe smooth furniture weekly

2. Keep clothing in a closet with door closed

3. Wash sheets and pillow cases in hot water evry 1-2 weeks

4. Encase pillows in allergen-proof covers

5. Wash blankets in hot water every 1-2 weeks or use an allegen barrier comforter

6. Remove curtains: and replace them with window shades or blinds. If you use curtains make sure to wash them regularly.

7. Dehumidify to under 50%. When it’s warm, use your air conditioner, even if you’re tempted by the outdoor breeze. If you live in a sweaty-weather climate, use a dehumidifier to keep humidity at 30% to 50%.

8. Turn down the heat or turn up the AC. Dust mites can’t breed as well at temperatures below 77 F.

9. Keep your pets out of your bedroom. Furry friend can be innocent but not the allergen! If pet remains in the bedroom use a HEPA air filter.

10. Carpet is a popular place for dust mites. Consider replacing it in your bedroom with hardwood floors or linoleum and washable area rugs.

11. Wipe window frames and glass regularly to prevent mold and mildew. Both can trigger upper respiratory symptoms if you have.

12. Opt for anti-allergy mattress and bedding.

13. Keep cockroaches and other insects away. They can make their way from kitchen, bathroom to your bedroom!: Seal cracks and crevices. Fix leaks in pipes and faucets. Try not to leave wet towels on the floor. Store food in tightly sealed containers. Keep your dishes clean. Hire an exterminator if you need to.

14. Keep all children’s toys in a toy chest or cupboard and wash soft toys in hot water, or put in the freezer overnight to destroy the allergen and then washed at a the recommended temperature.

Allergen avoidance:

1. If it is a hard surface – wipe it

2. If it is a washable fabric, hot water Wash it

3. If it cannot be wiped or washed, then encase it

4. If it cannot be wiped washed or encased remove it

5. If the indoor air is not dry then dehumidify it.

Considering we spend a third our time sleeping, bedroom is  most important room to de-allergen. If your room is not battle tested for allergens, you could be making all those annoying symptoms worse. Try these simple and regular tips to keep yourself allergen free this spring and always.




Image credit: Photo by Francesca Tosolini on Unsplash (Free for commercial use)

Author: HealthyLife | Posted on: April 11, 2017

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