Free Cancer Treating Vaidya

Free Cancer Treating Vaidya (Doctor)

Naryanamurthy, a 60 year old simple living farmer from Narasipura village, Shimoga District, Karnataka a herbalist also popularly known as Vaidya (Sanskrit =Doctor) Narayanamurthy (Narasipura Subbaiah Narayanamurthy). He is popular because he is helping people suffering from various conditions including heart, cancer and kidney diseases.  People who had tried allopathic medicines and has not got positive results has been approaching Murthy. Murthy is practicing Ayurveda medicne to help people from 25 years.

Narayanamurthy follows Ayurveda and herbal medicine to cure various conditions. About 15 NGOS are supporting his efforts and everyday his family also joins him in treating various patients who come to see him from all over India and world. Early in the morning a long line of people will form in front of his farm house to get treated. About 600-700 people visit him everyday for the medicines.

Murthy’s day starts listening to people who come to see him. He will give medicines for 15 to 30 days depending on the prevailing condition a person is going through. His medince prescriptions is free of charge. Sometimes he will asks patients for the lab report.  The source of medicines that Murthy gives is collected from surrounding tropical forest. The source of his medicines is from different kinds of plants and herbs which he personally collects from forest during particulars days of the week , He needs approximately 50-60 kg of roots, stems and barks for the medicine he gives to the patients per day, The patient needs to take these medicines with specific dietary instructions, it may take typically 90 days to 180 days to cure. unlike Chemotheraphy and laser treatment which are not a permanent solution or happy ending always his natural medicines relieve the patients successfully. Terminally ill patients also approach Murthy for the medicines. There are cases where terminally ill patients recovered from the illness. Murthy has given hopes for people with his expertise in cancer, respiratory, heart and kidney stones. Cancer patients has to to take 6-8 months of cancer medicines  and it has shown positive results on  cancer patients.

It is easy to approach Vaidya Murthy as the appointment is not required to visit him. On first come first service basis people can see Murthy to get cured by the natural medicines that he prescribes. No appointment is required to see Murthy. Service is provided on a first-come-first-served basis, starting at 7 AM every Sunday and Thursday.

Vaidya Murthy can be contacted at: 08183-250833

Watch this video to see Vaidya Murthy’s selfless service to all.

How to reach Shimoga?

You can take a train from Bangalore there are 2 express trains and 2 passenger trains

Bangalore-Shimoga Express  (Train no 16227) & SBEC SMET Express (Train no 16201)



Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: December 24, 2016

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5 Comments on “Free Cancer Treating Vaidya (Doctor)”

    1. Dear Ammok

      Thank you for your questions.
      Dr Murthy gives medicine for various types of cancer & It should be including breast cancer. Your question regarding kidney cysts, please contact Vaidya Murthy at: 08183-250833. He provides medicines for various conditions including cancer.

      Please go through the above article & reference links for more information.

  1. Does he give medicine for ADPKD (Autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease.Cysts have been grown largely and kidneys are not functioning properly. Now he is on dialysis. Could you please let me know whether he gives medicine for above disease?
    We met many allopathy doctors, they told us that this disease cannot be cured.

    1. Sampath Kumar Ji

      Vaidya Murthy is more popular with cancer & related problems. He can be contacted at: 08183-250833
      Please go through the article & reference links for more information.

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