Will Scalp Micropigmentation Affect the Growth of My Hair?

Will Scalp Micropigmentation Affect the Growth of My Hair?

For those suffering from chronic hair loss, scalp micropigmentation is one of the most effective cosmetic treatments.

In this article, Dr. Gajanan Jadhao, who provides one of the excellent Hair Transplants from Kochi, Kerala, has discussed micropigmentation and will it affect your hair growth.

Many people prefer the method because it is convenient, safe, and long-lasting.

However, there are a lot of questions about the cosmetic procedure, especially about the long-term effects on hair follicles and hair growth.

What Is Scalp Micropigmentation and How Does It Work?

Hair tattoos, also known as scalp micropigmentation, are a painless and straightforward tattooing technique for users.

This simple procedure uses microneedles to spray tattoos on the bald, hairless scalp, creating each hair meticulously and naturally.

According to Dr. Gajanan Jadhao, Kochi’s best hair transplant surgeon, like other permanent makeup cosmetic tattooing procedures, this technology uses tiny tattoo needles to inject ink into the epidermis of the scalp.

Tattoo ink will be drawn to simulate the shape of short hairs in various directions and positions to reduce baldness. Scalp micropigmentation is one of the effective methods for assisting those suffering from hair loss.

According to Dr. Gajanan Jadhao, scalp micropigmentation is suitable for men and women aged 18 and up, especially those with thin, sparse hair, a high forehead, or an exposed area of the scalp that needs to be improved.

Scalp Micropigmentation

The Perks of Scalp Micropigmentation

The procedure has many advantages in comparison to other currently available solutions in the market, namely:

  • You don’t need to use a wig.
  • The treatment process is quick and does not take as much time as using hair growth stimulants.
  • It does not affect the user’s health.
  • It does not cost cream like the conventional hair transplant method.
  • Create natural hair color that is identical to your real hair, making it hard to detect.
  • Capability to edit the bald section tattoo spray as per aesthetics and preferences.
  • It can be applied on a large area of ​​men’s skin, shaping the forehead for people with too high forehead defects.

Basic Scalp Micropigmentation Procedures

Dr. Gajanan Jadhao, an excellent hair transplant from Kochi, Kerala, says,” Scalp micropigmentation, like other forms of permanent makeup such as lip tattoos, eye tattoos, eyebrow tattoos, or tattoos, is a simple procedure. It occurs quickly and does not necessitate hospitalization.”

The following is a typical procedure for scalp micropigmentation:

  1. Consultation and examination: First, the experts examine the baldness condition and the customer’s wishes. After that, choose a reasonable treatment method and shape the hair to complement the face.
  2. To clean and shape the hair mold, follow these steps: The specialist then begins to disinfect, and clean the scalp that will be treated while also shaping the hair.
  3. Topical and local anesthesia: Customers will be sedated to ensure that they do not experience any pain or discomfort during the procedure.
  4. Conduct scalp micropigmentation: The specialist will use a clean sterilized micro-needle to meticulously and precisely spray tattoo ink in various sizes on the previously determined position to simulate the fiber. Short hair grows in a beautiful, natural way that does not irritate the scalp.

Will my scalp’s hair follicles be affected by scalp micropigmentation?

There is a common misconception about scalp micropigmentation, which is that it will harm your hair follicles and therefore affect your hair growth.

This is a complete myth, as scalp micropigmentation will not harm your hair follicles. During the procedure, a tattoo is utilized on the scalp.

It’s sometimes used to fill in rifts within follicles and increase density.

A structure surrounds a hair follicle made up of cells and tissue called a hair follicle. It’s found in the skin’s epidermal layer. The hair root emerges from the follicle’s very bottom, deep beneath the skin’s dermis layer.

At the hair’s root, blood veins produce protein cells. Hair follicles are much deeper within the skin, so they will be safe and unaffected even if the tattoo is applied directly above them.

What Happens If My Hair Growth Slows Down After Scalp Micropigmentation?

Hair growth goes through stages of acceleration and deceleration. If someone who has had scalp micropigmentation notices less hair growth, it is not related to the procedure.

It’s just a natural part of the hair growth process.

Each hair will permeate and fall out during its lifetime, but it will go through four cycles:

  • Anagen: This is the period of extensive growth, which can last from three to seven years.
  • Catagen: This is known as the transition period, which can last up to a few months.
  • Telogen: This consists of several months of resting.
  • Exogen: The period in which new hair increases continuously.

Is it possible to continue with regrowth procedures following Scalp Micropigmentation?

Without a doubt! If you still want to use regrowth products or arrange hair transplantations following your scalp micropigmentation procedure, you can.

The effectiveness of other medications is unaffected by scalp micropigmentation. However, if you have recently had a scalp micropigmentation treatment, we recommend that you wait at least 6-12 months before getting a hair transplant surgery, and vice versa.


It’s understandable to be concerned about scalp micropigmentation’s potentially harmful effects on your body.

Now that you’ve gotten that out of the way, you should try scalp micropigmentation! Don’t be concerned that the procedure will prevent hair from growing or harm hair follicles. They’re not going to go through with it.

It’s practical, attractive, and has few to no adverse side effects. This is the ideal solution for those experiencing hair loss who want to regain their confidence and self-love.

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