Rich Coconut Creme Delight

Rakhi Special Contest Winner – Recipe By Jyoti Julka

Our contest – ‘Independence Day/ Raksha Bandhan’ is now closed. We got an awesome response from our users in the contest. All the recipes were simply fantastic.

Here’s the winner’s  recipe:

Rich Coconut Creme Delight – #RakhiRecipe #JyotiJulka

This is my personal creation. You can call it soup, puree, gravy but for me it is power packed bowl full of health and taste with the richness of coconut and power of paneer and nuts.


Coconut milk, Amul creme, Paneer – 10 small cubes, Ginger paste, 1 spoon Ginger julienne, Salt, Pepper, Fried Cashews, Whole green chillies, Cashews soaked in 1/2 cup of Milk overnight.

Method:- Fry cashews and paneer separately (keep a side). Take a pan, add little olive oil and put ginger paste in it. Cook well. Now add coconut milk and bring it to a boil. Add Amul creme and boil it again. Now cook till it gets thick. Now blend milk soaked Cashews and pour the mixture into the pan. Keep cooking the mixture. Add salt and pepper. Slowly blend everything with hand blender at very low speed. When it gets thick, add fried paneer cubes and cashews and ginger Julianne. Adjust the thickness with the help of water, whole green chillies (if you like it spicy). Garnish with coriander & serve hot.

Recipe By: Jyoti Julka [Independence Rakhi Special Contest Winner]

Source:  WerIndia Blog

Author: HealthyLife | Posted on: September 16, 2016

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