Beautiful mind

What is beautiful?

It is a ‘normal thing’ for people to recognize and adore beautiful people. Individuals, who are attractive and beautiful generally grab crowd’s attention, gets favoritism and treated better.  How long this external beauty lost? – Until a certain age or perhaps when people start realizing that beauty of the individual that they are admiring is only external. Does external beauty really matters? The answer is yes and no -both. External beauty matters when a person has an equally beautiful mind! If the body is beautiful and soul is unattractive because of the behaviors and attitudes of the person then, the external beauty has no significance.

What does it mean to have a beautiful mind?

Beauty is not just having a pretty face; it is also about beautiful mind, heart and a kind soul. The external beauty has something to represent to the outside world – with perfect body, with perfect make up, dazzling clothing apparels, shoes, bags and with sparkles jewelries. These things are temporary and do not lost long. The definition of inner beauty is what we should consider. An eternal beauty always lasts forever. A person who is good deep inside the skin is beautiful irrespective of how they appear outside.  The pleasant personality and good attitude of a person that spreads joy and happiness attracts people.

So what makes a person really attractive and beautiful?  Whether one is physically attractive or not, a person is beautiful when they have some of these following qualities:

  • Good and pleasant attitude
  • One can who listens and exchange ideas with others
  • In an argument agree to disagree with respect
  • A person who is instead of imposing the decision, is willing to listen to other options
  • Rather than just black or white, one who can see the shades of gray
  • One who does not gossip, instead initiates the talk that will be informative and educative
  • A person who disagree with a generalization, but agree with some parts of it
  • Not trying to show off degrees, money, qualifications, status
  • Not taking difference of opinion personally – understanding the opinion and respecting views of other person
  • Being humble and respectful
  • Respecting and helping lesser fortunate people
  • Being helpful to physically disabled or who needs special attention
  • Not being judgmental all the time
  • Tailoring the language based on the audience knowledge and giving information to audiences accordingly – the one who knows how to and when to talk
  • Understanding someone’s weakness, gray areas, values, views, perception and not making fun of them
  • Inspiring, encouraging and motivating others to come up in life
  • Not holding grudge on someone for some reasons and let things go (with realization of it is not weakness to forgive someone)
  • Not trying to overtake conversations and listens to other views
  • And, anyone who takes time to be kind to others (is beautiful)
  • The one who makes others world beautiful
  • You are yourself around others and do not have a second image
  • A person who does not care for limelight
  • Independent and open minded
  • Being optimistic and smile often

True beauty lies beyond skin deep. It is nothing but having a beautiful mind and soul. A beautiful mind will never stop being amazing.


Author: HealthyLife | Posted on: October 13, 2016

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