Overcome Worries

Worry will take you nowhere

We all worry. Yes, we all worry for various reasons – family, promotion, work, no money or wages, health, love, relationship, grades, business etc. Worry is the act of thinking about the unknown or expecting something worst or bad with a fear in mind. We worry for small reasons and for big reasons. In addition, we worry about something that does not even exists or not happened yet. Does worrying solve our problems? No, it will take us nowhere.

We all are humans and our mind gets bogged down for no reasons. It is natural to develop a fear towards unknown future. Getting nervous and having fear stops us from reaching our goal or looking for a solution. Some people will worry for no reasons. This is a habit. Even if they have a happy family and everything one could ask for – still they worry. If you ask, what is the worry about – you may find the reason very silly or it may not make any sense at all.

The problems worry can cause are:

  • Distracting the focus and your goal
  • Distracting your work and activities
  • Worry from fear is hard to forget or unlearn, so it re-occurs easily and becomes habitual.
  • Your pessimistic action and words will act on your surroundings negatively.

To overcome worries and be neutral one has to recognize their own worrying/pessimistic behavior. Unfortunately, more “worriers” do not realize that they are worrying type. If you think that you might fall in this category then take a note book and look for these common visible traits  in yourself:

  • Irritability
  • Anger
  • Confusion
  • Lack of focus
  • Insecurity
  • Nightmares

With these behaviors people also exhibit unnecessary stress- People who worry for different reasons will be stressed easily.

How to overcome worries?

1) Think about the positive things that are happening for you. Just focus on positivity and happiness. Learn to smile. Smiling helps a lot to overcome unnecessary worries.

2) Write down the positive outcomes from your deeds and feel good about it.

3) If you start worrying about unknown future, stop the thought there itself. Do not encourage the thoughts. Instead, turn on radio, TV channels for good show, visit temple, meet good friends, volunteer, practice gardening and try to be in the midst of people.

4) Before going to bed do not think about tomorrow. Be grateful to what you have achieved today. Think about all good things happened to you and your family.

5) Understand that positive behavior is having good effect on you. Changing one’s mindset is a difficult task. Nevertheless, keep focusing on your positive thoughts that  eventually becomes a habit itself. You will start shedding the worries and start embracing the good thoughts. You will affirm – at present how you feel about being and experiencing the positive outcomes you desire with complete disregard to negative worries that were crossing your mind.

6) When you start worrying remind yourself is your worry is justifying or justified? What effect it had on you? Did it solve your issues? If not, what is that helped you to solve your issues.

7) Learn to avoid worries:

  • Avoid the source or situation that generates the worry. Try to overcome the fear.
  • The fear of change usually turns this into worrying about the unknown. Be open-minded and embrace new things in your life. Do not be afraid of outcomes.
  • Remind yourself, how often things happened according to your wishes.
  • Encourage others; do not put negative thoughts and worries in their head.
  • Do not control your actions because of fear and worries.
  • Faith and hopes can lead to positive outcome in life.
  • Understanding what is that responsible for worries and finding a solution by acting on it reduces worries.

8) Remember: Worrying will never change the outcome. It is your action towards the problem (that if exists) that will help you.

Life’s philosophy is whatever happens, happens for the best. Worrying about something, which is not in our control, is not going to solve our problems. Sometimes problem may not even exits. It may be our imagination. Kill that unnecessary worry by thinking “what did you gain by worrying”?  If your answer is nothing- then, stop worrying today itself and start living!

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Author: HealthyLife | Posted on: September 22, 2016

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