Self care tips

Twelve self-care tips help you to make your life better

Twelve selfcare tips help you to make your life better

There are so many daily activities that influence our life positively and negatively. To declutter mind and keep it going in life, sometimes we need to take care of our life. Taking care of oneself is essential because if we are not in good condition then we are unable to achieve anything in life. Here are twelve self-care tips that one can include or use to modify the way we are now.

  1. If you have fallen out with someone for good, then unfollow them. Stop digitally checking in with exes and anyone who are no more part of your life. Remember they moved on without you.
  2. Do not pretend or try to be the one which you are not. There is no point in trying to impress anybody. What is interesting for you, pursue on it. Think about what will make you feel better and what helps you to grow.
  3. Stop bullying yourself and stop sympathizing yourself. Take a break, get your life together. Sometime solitude is better for you. Solitude will help you to rethink and look at your goal.
  4. Do not accept hurtful and negative comments from anyone. Next time politely acknowledge and tell the person, you don’t agree with it and you don’t appreciate such comments.
  5. Keep a personal diary to express yourself. Once a while looking at your diary will help you to overcome your emotions. You will also notice how much mentally you are strong.
  6. If you start disliking your job, then clean up your resume. Take side projects and see what job can make you happy.
  7. Do not try to do several things at a time. Don’t try to be perfect and try not do perform various roles. Pick up one or two interesting things that you are familiar with and enjoy doing the best.
  8. There is nothing wrong in being ordinary. Ordinary people can do extraordinary things. Your time will come to do extraordinary things. Till then enjoy your ordinary life.
  9. Do not get angry and do not vent out easily at anyone. Learn to control your anger. You never know what impact it could have on your life.
  10. Take responsibility- being responsible will help you to be careful and gives a sense of accomplishment.
  11. When you feel overwhelmed- call on friends, go for a ride, take a nap or go for a long walk. Do not sink in your feelings.
  12. Stop arguing with person who always want to be right. There is no point in arguing with a person who always wants to be right and drag conversation for long.

Life cannot be good always. Like wise always there cannot be a perfect life. Try accepting people and things the way they are to keep yourself steady and calm. This is for your self-care that  will help you to function the way you should be in your life.

Image credit: Image by Daniel Dan outsideclick from Pixabay 

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: October 11, 2019

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