Silence is golden

Why silence is golden sometimes?

Silence is absence of sound. Physical silence refers to the absence of sound around us. Mental silence is the absence of wasteful thinking. When we say it is wasteful thinking it means absence of negative thoughts. Positive thinking refers to thoughts that benefit the self as well as others.

“Speech is silver; silence is golden”

In the present era, everybody communicates one or the other way. And, communication happens through not only by normal talking (face to face) but also by means of phone, texting, facebook, instagram, twitter and other types of social media. In fact, all communications that happens can create a positive or negative thinking in our mind. The way we receive the comments also determines whether we are silent (mentally) or not.  Silence does not mean absence of life or social life. It means achieving serenity and developing a comfort zone inside oneself to all types of negative talk and thinking.

Why silence is golden sometimes? Sometimes because- wise men are not always silent. They know when to be.

  • Getting involved in serious discussion and arguments and speaking loud raises blood pressure and listening lowers it. It is not just, because you are making sounds that is reason for it -reading aloud alone does not raise blood pressure, but reading aloud to someone does.
  • If we are committed to stay calm and serene and have the definite and firm mind to be calmer then, listening to others will help us to be more serene. When we express ourselves once a while, we will notice that our opinion may matter or may not. It may not help to create tranquility in oneself but eventually it will help to achieve the serenity.
  • To achieve calmness sometimes it is better to be on silent mode. People may drag you to meaningless discussion, chitchat, gossip or talk that does not make sense. It is better to listen to people than being part of the unnecessary sound. One has to keep in mind to be tranquil rather than mindful to get disturbed with small talks.  If you don’t feel like getting involved in discussion that disturbs you either keep quite or politely move away.
  • The power of silence is like a fragrant flower that fills the room. Constant positive thinking creates the virtue of serenity and helps to stabilize oneself and others around.
  • By being silent, you will do yourself a favor – not getting into unnecessary and no productive talks. What that means is, instead of getting hurt one can gain deep comfort and joy without being part of disturbing talks and discussions.
  • If you don’t like a subject which is part of a group discussion -like religion or food, then just listen to the talk and make sure your inner peace and positive thinking is not disturbed.
  • To live in tranquility one has to stop arguing and trying to make oneself right for silly reasons and arguments. One should give a thought to what is happening around and then should decide whether to react or not. If it feels that you will be disturbed mentally, then take advantage of silence.
  • If someone is expressing their unhappiness and complaining continuously, listening to the person sometime helps. The moment you start expressing it results in disturbance in the mind. Remember by giving suggestions to a person who does not want to reform and you were part of this conversation many times then again you will burn your energy and ruin peace of mind. If you share your enthusiasm for truth, spiritual insights, or beliefs to a person who won’t get it, they will unconsciously put you down.
  • Do not feel that if you do not talk in a group and express yourself only occasionally people think you are a dunce. People may think opposite – they may likely to think you are wiser too. Stay calm and listen – it helps in helping others because when you listen, think and then respond you may be a solution for someone’s problem.
  • Silence frees us from what people think of us, how they judge us, and what they say to us. By being silent with our personal practices to people who do not align with us vibrationally, it will make us much more free of needless words that do not help.

As they say, “sometimes not saying anything is the best answer. Because silence never can be misquoted” Silence is also golden when you cannot think of a good answer! So, express your opinion only when it is more valuable than silence. Once we are at ease with silence, we find that silence welcomes reflection in ourselves. And healing comes when we can reflect within our deeper selves.


Author: HealthyLife | Posted on: July 20, 2016

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