Couple yoga benefits

Benefits of Practicing Yoga with Life Partner

The word yoga in Sanskrit means “union”. It is derived from Yuj which means to join. Yoga helps to build a beautiful understanding of body and mind. When couple practice yoga together, it will help to strengthen the relationship and brings joy and satisfaction in life.

Several yoga postures designed for life partners by Yoga gurus to strengthen communication, create balance and trust in life. What other positive effects partner yoga can bring in couple life?

  1. Satisfaction in relationship: Yoga helps in understanding the strength of the partner. It introduces a new meaning to relationship by bringing awareness of not just your body also partners body and mind. Positive association increases mindfulness and reinvigorates the couple connection. It brings couple closer physically, emotionally.
  2. Better communication and trust: Those Yoga poses that involve relying and leaning on partner needs constant communication. These poses need support, understanding, trust. Touch between the two helps to see the care, love, appreciation in partner and builds a long lasting and safe relationship. It deepens the connection between two.
  3. Learn to let go: Practicing with partner helps to let go the things that you hold onto. It will help to let go ego, worries, anger and other negative emotions that one might have in the relationship. Letting go of certain unwanted feelings makes life more enjoyable.
  4. Increases intimacy: Practicing yoga increases body flexibility. While watching the partner’s progress and helping each other to get into poses increases intimacy.
  5. Understanding ability: Relaying on partner to do stretches increases flexibility, helps to correct the posture and there will be better understanding about each other’s ability to do things. And it gives awareness of how much each person can handle things and how much physical work one can do.

Here are few yoga poses couples can try:

Double Downward dog pose: Get into downward dog pose one in front of another. Person who is in front should lift legs up and place it on lower back of the person who is at back (See below image)

Double downward dog pose yoga

Seated wide legged forward bend: Sit in wide legged position facing each other. Bring soles of the feet together. Extend arms towards your partner and hold hands. While holding partner arms, start folding. Hold the pose for three to five breath.

Breathing exercise: Practice breathing exercise. Inhale and exhale together – follow recorded breathing session.

Double boat pose: As in below image sit on the floor, draw knees into chest. Keeping spine straight begin straightening leg. Let your partner sit in front of you and do the same. Let both of your feet sole touch and hold partner’s wrists. Hold feet together for 3 breaths.

Double boat yoga

Seated twist: Sit on the floor with back resting against each other. As you twist, keep your left hand on left knee of your partner and let your partner do same on the opposite side. Hold for three breaths and repeat on opposite side

Extended side angle: From warrior 2 pose get into extended angle pose as shown in image and hold hands. Hold pose for three to five breath.

Daily yoga practice with life partner helps to build a strong and beautiful bond. This Valentine’s day celebrate yoga with your partner.

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Main image:, Dave Rosenblum, CC BY 2.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons, Dave Rosenblum, CC BY 2.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: February 10, 2022

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