Benefits of being nice to others

Being nice means “being able to spread the joy” or “give pleasure or joy”. It also means being kind, affectionate, loving and caring. Nobody is perfect in this word. Some characters are inherited and some are borrowed from the society where we grow. As we grow up, we learn values and morals that help us become nice people, whether it be proper manners, compassion, consideration or a combination of them all.
Human mind tries to adapt to various habits and surroundings. The actions we take and the response we show that definitely influences the happiness of our mind and body. All good intentions that we practice will bring joy, calmness and happiness in our life. Some of the positive thoughts and actions that can make a person happy in life listed below.

  • Think, speak, and act with kindness.
  • Encourage others and motivate. If you criticize – be constructive and kind.
  • Listen to people be open-minded. If you cannot solve the problems, it is okay, but try to understand the problems.
  • Develop love for kindness. Kindness is way to be happy in life.
  • Help others to help yourself. Ask people what can I do for you?
  • As Bhagavadgeetha says, everything happens for a reason. Try to understand the good side of the reason.
  • All are born with some talent and uniqueness. Use your talent and uniqueness in a positive way and help society.
  • Everyday do something good for others; do not expect anything in return.
  • Think and act kind – this spreads the kindness in the community and eventually reaches the world.
  • Phrase your words carefully so that you avoid hurting yourself and others.
  • Leave a note or phone message to your co-workers, family members and friends with kind and loving thoughts. This will bring smiles on their face.
  • Use your experiences in a positive way and share it in a positive note. If it is a lesson that you learnt do not share to hesitate.
  • If you cannot help a person, it is okay, but do not bring down the confidence of the person. Encourage them with kind words.
  • Try to give suggestions only if the person wants it.
  • Every person has their own reasons for their action, do not neglect anybody’s background and do not be judgemental unless you understand and convinced with the reason.
  • Pray for well-beings of others. Ignore bad thoughts and intentions of your own mind.
  • Watch your attitude, be kind, be grateful, and be humble.
  • Start the day with a positive thought and end the day with positive thought.
  • Nobody is perfect; in a relationship, little imperfections can be adjustable. At the end you want to be happy and so the other person.
  • Nurture your mind with good thoughts and good deeds. Do not hold back in saying thank you or sorry!
  • Do not hold anything against anybody – “keep calm and let karma do the work”.



Author: HealthyLife | Posted on: December 16, 2015

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