Pets may help autistic kids

Treatment of Autism

  • Medication: Although there is no medical treatment for ASDs, there are treatments for some ASD symptoms. Talk to your child’s pediatrician and discuss about the therapy.   Caution for parents: Close observation is required to monitor the child’s response to any medication.
  • Sensory Integration: Children with ASD may be extremely sensitive to sensory stimuli like lights, textures, taste, odors, sounds and touch. They may panic when they see blinking lights, strangers and may get excited in sharing things or  to new unfamiliar settings and disinfectants.  Some children can be trained to adapt and may show improvement in their behavior.
  • Assistive Technology: For non verbal children with autism there is technology help available. A computer tablet, a computer, or phone app with programs especially designed to engage children with ASD are available.
  • Generally, autistic kids love animals especially dogs – see whether your child is comfortable with a pet.
  • Diet for autism children: A balanced diet with proper nutrients can help to keep good stamina and health of autism children. Talk to your doctor about the good and they will be able to help you or may guide you to a good child nutrition advisor.

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: April 1, 2016

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