Tangelo and Sweet Limes

Tangelo and Sweet Lime

Tangelo: It is another citrus fruit that is a cross between two varieties – tangerine and pomelo fruits. It is extremely juicy and has little or mild sweet flavor.

It is used as substitute to sweet oranges and mandarin oranges in orange drinks and in various dishes. It generally has loose skin and easier to peel than oranges. Tangelo has elongated or protruding neck.

The two common varieties available in the market are Minneola tangelos and ugli tangelos.  Tangelo trees looks very similar to oranges.

Fruits are rich in Vitamin C, A, flavanones, Calcium, potassium and magnesium. Fruits are also used in jams, marmalades and cakes.

Sweet Lime:  It is a cultivar of citrus lemon and is a popular citrus fruit. Originated and cultivated in South Asia. It is also known as Musambi or sweet lime. It is commonly consumed in India and neighboring countries.

Fruits are very sweet and juice extracted from musambi is one of the most preferred juice during in summer season and recommended during sickness.

The sweet flavor and low acid content with high fiber makes it one of the favorite fruit of Asian country.


Reference Source: https://foodfacts.mercola.com

Image credit: https://www.halegroves.com/ (fruits for sale), www.specialtyproduce.com

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: April 25, 2018

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