Cippolini and Egyptian onions

Cippolini and Egyptian onions

Cippolini onions: These are special disc shaped light yellow color onions. They are available in many supermarkets. They appear like pearl onions but more disc shaped. Peeling cippolini onions is little tough. They are sweet and make very good side dish when cooked or roasted. Other name for cippolini onions: Italian pearl onion

Egyptian onions: Are also known as walking onions, tree onions, winter onions, top onions. These onions are very strong and bulbs are useful in cooking and not much eaten as raw. The upper greener portion is edible raw.The other varieties of onions available are: Red wing onion, Maui onion (similar to yellow onions), sweet onions, Bermuda onions, white pickling onions.

How to select onions? Dry bulb onions should be firm for their size and have little to no scent. Avoid bulbs with any cuts, bruises, or blemishes. When purchasing completely peeled onions, select ones with an outside layer that does not show signs of being dehydrated or fungal infection.

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: October 21, 2015

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