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Tag: Mental health issues

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Who Needs to Consider Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?

Do you ever find that starting a new job fills butterflies in your stomach and the mere thought of entering into a new environment with many unfami

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Cyberbullying and social media issue

Cyberbullying and mental health issues

Cyberbullying is what could cause more damage in one’s life. We don’t have much control on what others say about us in real life, then how can we control what others write or post on us on social media? Because most teens and young adults have smartphone access anytime one can experience bullying by virtual means.

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Communication issue & sleep disorder

Sleep disorder and communication problem

Those who spend time on social media before going to be, while on bed and even waking up to see what is happening obviously get less sleep. Light from the devices disrupt sleep and will have serious impact on mental health.

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Activity helps to overcome social media stress

How to overcome social media related mental stress?

An attempt to reduce the time on social media is the first step to have a peaceful and healthy mind.

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