Playing scavenger hunt helps kids

Playing Scavenger Hunt Helps Kids

Scavenger hunt games are popular play in parties and picnics for children. These games can be played by either individuals or teams where kids compete to see who can find all the items from a list. Person or team who collects all the items is pronounced the winner.

Scavenger hunts, is about finding different items on a list. The items are often very simple things such as  pebbles, toys, tools, balls, shapes etc.

Some parents hesitate to send children for such “adventurous” games because they think child will get hurt. There is a solution for this –plan a scavenger hunt and accompany your child in scavenger hunting so that you can watch how your children play in group and observe their development.

Participating in Scavenger hunt has many benefits for kids.

·         Gives exercise for both mind and body: It is a good exercise for the body. Most scavenger hunting games need kids running and moving around from one place to another place. Wondering in the field, around trees, climbing hills, climbing tree, stepping in stream – these are all exercises. It develops curiosity, improves thinking capacity, and reinforces problem solving skills that are essential for their future life.

·         Easily to customize as per kids wishes: Kids love certain characters. Taking part in scavenger hunt helps them to develop their creativity side Because scavenger hunt can be customized it improves children abilities and interests in subjects. For example, if you child is poor in math, scavenger hunt with number problem could make the child to think and proceed. They will start using numbers to reach destination. If child likes math, then it helps child to build math skills.

·         Helps to build problem solving skills: Scavenger hunt teaches kids problem solving skills in a tangible way. It makes them think and act wisely. Problem solving helps them to develop confidence and face the world without any hesitation.

·         Teaches teamwork: Many of the scavenger hunt games need more than one kid. So, it teaches kids the value of team and teamwork. While solving clues, kids need to work together to reach destination. Teamwork is an important tool that is essential for kids to succeed. This is a fun way to teach them important of teamwork.

·         Improves communication skills: While solving clues, kids must communicate with each other. Goal is to find all items and reach the destination. They will think together, discuss, and share ideas. It teaches effective way of communication with each other.

·         It is educational: As it involves numbers, colors, shapes, science, environment and problem solving.

Scavenger Hunt―A traditional scavenger hunt easily can be adapted according to the age of the children. Here are few examples of scavenger hunt games for kids for age group 6-11 (Ref:

·         Sorts objects by shape and color: Tell the children to collect something green, something blue, and something red. When they bring the objects to you, have them make piles of the items according to color. You also can substitute shapes for colors.

·         Animal hunt: Place plastic animals around the house and give the list that contains simple riddles. For example, I like mouse, I meow, I like to purr – kids will identify it as cat and will look for it.

·         Nature hunt: Prepare a list of items from nature. It could be leaf, stone, flower, stick, fruits etc. Tell the child or children to look for it with some riddles or clues.

·         Grocery hunt: Have a grocery list. Take children to grocery store, tell them to find the items in the store. Let them tag along with you while finding the item.

·         Party items hunt: List a birthday party item list. Hat, ballon, cake etc. Give clues and let the child find the items based on clue.

·         Toy hunting: List out all the toys with riddles. Jeep, car, stuffed animals, dolls etc – give hint including child’s memories, like “your favorite toy, given by uncle”, “toy gifted for your birthday” toy that makes sound, toy that you lost and found in a place etc. – clues will help child to find the toy.

Even parents and family with grandparents, uncles and aunts can participate with child in scavenger hunt. It makes children happy and look forward for such games.


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Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: June 8, 2023

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