Microbes in beard

Beard has more germs than dog fur science says

Growing beard is always a hot trend among men. Growing beard is helpful for those who suffer from Irritant folliculitis and inflammatory condition called dpseudofolliculitis. It also protects face from the Sun

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Liver dysfunction and Alzheimer's disease

Liver dysfunction linked to Alzheimer’s disease

The most common form of dementia is Alzheimer’s condition. Alzheimer’s currently affecting more than 50 million people throughout the world. At present Alzheimer’s disease cannot be reversed.

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Leave shoes outside

Science says leave your shoes out

What are some of the stuffs that we can see on bottom of our shoes? Bird dropping, dog poop, rotten debris with harmful bacte

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HIV1 genome elimination

Scientists eliminated HIV from genomes of living animals

Researchers at University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) in collaboration with Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple Uni

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Drugs from venom

Now Scorpion venom can control infectious bacteria

Many animals contain venom that can be poisonous to predators. Venom of animals is one of the nature’s great paradoxes as it is designed to kill but at the same time properties of venom can be used to cure human conditions

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Transgender not mental illness

Being Transgender is not mental illness WHO declares

Historically the term transgender was categorized as a mental health condition. But with evolving scientific understanding of gender.. read more

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World food safety day

World Food Safety Day June 7th

On its 73rd session of the United Nations General assembly in New York, UN declared June 7th is world food safety day.

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Keto bulletproof coffee

Keto Bulletproof coffee

Some claim it is a magical health elixir and some say it is not but people who tasted this keto coffee says it is delicious! We are talking about bulletproof coffee

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