7 Gym Essentials That Newbie Fitness Buffs Should Have

7 Gym Essentials That Newbie Fitness Buffs Should Have

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have rippling muscles or sick pack abs? This is a dream that most out of shape people feel like they could never achieve. However, you can achieve this dream. You just need the right diet plan and workout regimen. 

Aside from the strategy though, you will also need to have the right equipment. They are necessary because they will make your workout regimens a whole lot easier. Here are 7 Gym essentials that newbie fitness buffs should have. 

1. Comfortable Footgear
One of the most essential bits of equipment you should have during your workouts is a pair of comfortable gym shoes. Remember that you will be doing a lot of things during your weight loss journey. You will be running, jumping, skipping rope. If you go to the gym, you’ll use them on the treadmills. If you go out for a jog or a hike, you will especially need sturdy and comfortable footgear. So before you purchase any type of gym shoes, you should do your research. Base your shoe choice according to your choice of activity or sport.  It should have great ankle protection and traction in order for you to run and move properly. 

2. Portable Hygiene Products
Throughout your workouts, you will be sweating a lot. So you will have to make sure that you have the right hygiene products throughout your workouts. Make sure to bring your toiletries,  such as deodorants, soap, and perfume.

It is a good idea to take a shower after every workout, to get rid of any bacteria or germs that have latched onto your skin or clothes. You should also make sure to pack up your other toiletries like your shampoo and perfume in sturdy containers. It would be a good idea to store your hygiene products in custom made glass containers, because it would be easier to store them in your gym bag.  Glass containers are usually very fragile. However, there are companies that create very hardy and exquisite bottles for perfumes and hand soaps that are both functional and look the part.

3. A Sturdy Water Bottle
Hydration is extremely important during workouts. So it is important that you have a sturdy water bottle with you at all times. That way you will always be able to refill your water supplies and stay hydrated all the time.

When you purchase your water bottle, make sure that it has certain features such as non-slip hand grips, secure water spouts, and non-stain insides. They should be non-stainable because you may want to drink protein or creatine shakes during workouts, and your water bottle will need to be able to store them without messing up the color or your water bottle, or leaving an aftertaste.

4. Gym Bag
If you are going to go to the gym on a daily basis, you should have a trustworthy gym bag. A good gym bag is not just any old bag. It should have various compartments that can hold your gym equipment in place. It should also be made of easy to wash and dry fabric because your sweaty gym clothes could leave an unpleasant odor. A gym bag should not be too big that it won’t fit into your gym locker. Nor should it be too small, that it won’t hold any of your other gym essentials. 

5. Workout Clothes
When you buy your workout clothes, you should make sure that they fit you perfectly. You should be able to move with ease, and they should be able to absorb your sweat effectively. 

When you select workout clothes, they should be sturdy and won’t tear at the slightest form of tension. It’s also a good idea to use sweaters and sweatsuits during your workouts. However, you should make sure that you wash them after every workout because they can be breeding places for bacteria and other viruses. So make it a habit to dump all your gym clothes in the laundry after every workout.

6. Towel
One of the most important things you could bring with you to the gym is a good towel. You will be sweating buckets during your workouts, and you will also be taking a bath afterward. So a towel is a necessity. Your towel should be large enough to wrap around your body, and absorbent enough to handle a large amount of sweat. It should also be made up of an easy to dry fabric, so you could hang it out to dry at any time. 

7. Workout Supplements
Aside from working out in a regimented and effective manner, you should make sure that you supplement your diet with the right vitamins and minerals. Make it a habit to drink vitamins on a daily basis. By doing so, you will be able to strengthen your immune system, before every workout. If you want to gain muscle without adding fat to your diet, you should also take some protein powder and creatine before and after you work out. The creatine will help you burn fat a lot faster, and give you energy throughout the workout session. Protein powder on the other hand will help you build muscle. Try to take these supplements after every workout, because they will be able to heal and rebuild torn muscle fibers. Workout supplements can be a bit expensive, but they will ensure that you will reach your full workout potential.



The fitness journey could seem like an insurmountable obstacle for newbies. However, it is still possible for you to achieve your fitness goals. You just need the right equipment and the right training. With these gym essentials, you will be able to achieve your fitness goals in the best way possible.

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Author: HealthyLife | Posted on: September 14, 2020

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