6 Reasons Why Floyd Mayweather Jr. Should Come Back to Boxing

6 Reasons Why Floyd Mayweather Jr. Should Come Back to Boxing

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is many things. He is the darling of Las Vegas. He is the most well-paid athlete of the decade. Floyd Mayweather is also known for his high-rolling lifestyle and cocky attitude. It is this attitude that has made him a polarizing personality in the sport of boxing.

His last professional boxing match was in 2015 when he fought Andre Berto. He announced his retirement soon after. This does not mean that he stayed away from the fight game though.

In the past five years, he has fought MMA fighter Connor Macgregor and kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa in exhibition matches. Many fans have speculated whether or not he should come back to the squared circle. Some say he is too old, however, there are some legit reasons why he should come back. Here are 6 Reasons why Floyd Mayweather should come back to boxing. 

1.His Extremely Extravagant Lifestyle

Aside from his incredible skills as a boxer, Floyd Mayweather is also known for his extremely extravagant lifestyle.

This is the man who has diamond-studded wrist watches that are installed with top quality watch circuits and coils. He has multiple mansions and a fleet of luxury cars. To say that Floyd Mayweather lives like a king is an understatement. However, this type of lifestyle can drain even the richest man’s bank accounts.

This does not mean that Floyd Mayweather Jr. is in financial straits. On the contrary, Floyd is as financially stable as they come. However, it can’t hurt to have an extra hundred million in the bank, and Mayweather can still command that kind of price and a whole lot more. If Floyd wants to live this kind of lifestyle into old age, it would be a good idea to come back to the fight game 

2. To silence his detractors

Although Floyd is considered one of the finest boxers in his generation, he is not without detractors. Some boxing fans don’t like his defense-first style. They consider it too safe and boring. However, it is this defensive skill and his brash personality that makes him such a bankable fighter.

In many ways, this dislike from fans was what made his fights so popular. However, no fighter worth his salt wants his skills to be disparaged. If Floyd could come back to the fight game and beat a legitimate superstar like Errol Spence or Terrence Crawford, then he could silence his detractors once and for all.

3. His Legacy

It is a well-known fact that Floyd is one of the best fighters in boxing history. He also calls himself TBE or The Best Ever. His many fans totally agree with this title and proclaim him to be the best pound for pound fighter of all time. However, a good number of boxing historians and experts don’t totally agree with this.

Some say that Muhammad Ali is the greatest, while others go with the legendary Sugar Ray Robinson. Boxing has a myriad of great champions who can lay claim to the title of greatest, but if Floyd could come back and beat this generation’s top fighters, then he can really make a claim for being TBE.

4. He Can Still Scrap

Floyd Mayweather Jr. may be 41 years old, but he is still a very competitive fighter. He still trains on a daily basis and his past fights with Mcgregor and Nasukawa are proof that he is still a force to be reckoned with.

His defensive fighting style has also saved him from concussive blows and any lasting damage from past fights. He is still a very well-preserved fighter. And can compete with the young lions of the sport.

However, he should be as well-prepared as possible, because these young boxers have everything to gain, so they will always bring their A-game

5. His Expanding Promotion Business

Fight promotion is one of the best businesses that a retired fighter could get into. Only fighters know how dangerous the fight game could be. Former fighters also know how unfair it could be.

Floyd has been in boxing for decades, and he knows the ins and outs of the fight game. He also has his very own fight promotion business, and like any good businessman, Floyd knows that he could make a lot more money if he represents himself.

 If he fights again, he will not only earn an astronomical amount of money, he will also get a great deal of positive publicity and make his promotion business even more prominent.

6. So Much Money to Be Made

Floyd has fought many champions, and he has beaten most of them convincingly. However, his greatest rival will always be Manny Pacquiao. 

The Filipino legend has always been compared with Floyd throughout his career, and even though he handily beat Pacquiao during their 2045 bout, there have still been calls for a rematch. Although there are many young lions who are vying for a fight with Floyd, none of them has the same star power that Pacquiao has.

If Floyd does deign to come back and fight Pacquiao, there is no doubt that they will break pay-per-view records once more.


Floyd Mayweather is arguably the best boxer of his generation. He is also a multi-millionaire that owns multiple businesses and his very own boxing promotion.

However, he is still a force to be reckoned with. He is a fighter through and through, and he can still battle with the best of them. He is also a huge draw and can rake in millions of dollars with just one fight. Overall, there are many reasons why he should come back to boxing.

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Author: HealthyLife | Posted on: September 9, 2020

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