Fortified rice in India

Fortified Rice Available in Trichy India

Fortification of rice with micronutrients helps those who consume rice. Fortification is one of the most sustainable, cost-effective solutions for those who are suffering from malnutrition. It helps to improve health by bringing back the nutrients in the body. This boosts people’s immune systems.

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Students to learn to end hunger

Students to Learn and Help to End World Hunger

How does a world look like without hunger? It will look like ‘everyone enjoying nutritious meals that they need’. Food banks, charitable organizations or temples cannot get there alone. All these organizations, including Government, need support and help.

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Precautions for chefs & food handlers during covid-19

COVID-19 Instructions for chefs & Food handlers by FSSAI

Lockdown due to COVID-19 pandemic has impacted restaurant, catering and hotel businesses all over the world. Governments are monitoring the number of coronavirus cases in their respective countries,

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Edible oil adulteration

FSSAI launches drive against Adulteration in the Edible Oil

Edible oil used for cooking, salad dressing, frying, food formulation etc. adds important nutritional value in our daily diet. The demand for edible oil is always high both in national and international market and for this reason adulteration in oil is a major issue.

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Mexico bans glyphosate

Mexico Bans Glyphosate Herbicide

Glyphosate the active ingredient in Roundup weed killer is banned or restricted not just in one or two but many cities and countries throughout the world. New addition to the existing list is, Mexico.

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Covid-19 Economic stimulus & world hunger

COVID-19: Using economic stimulus to reduce the long-term hunger impact

New FAO (Food And Agriculture Organization, UN) Policy Brief analyzes pandemic-driven recession’s threat to global hunger levels

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Jelly Drops keeps dementia patients hydrated

Grandson Innovates Jelly Drops To Help Grandma With Dementia Stay Hydrated

How for you will go to keep your grandma happy and healthy? A grandson’s love for his grandmother, who is suffering from dementia resulted in inventing Jelly Drop sweets to keep her hydrated and healthy.

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Plant based biodegradable bottles

Plant Based Biodegradable PEF Plastic Bottles

There are many efforts to put an end to single use of plastics. If bigger companies take part in this effort it could be a role model and inspire others. Recently, many big companies like Coca Cola have come together in support of projects for manufacturing of plant based biodegradable bottles.

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