Covid-19 Economic stimulus & world hunger

COVID-19: Using economic stimulus to reduce the long-term hunger impact

New FAO (Food And Agriculture Organization, UN) Policy Brief analyzes pandemic-driven recession’s threat to global hunger levels

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Jelly Drops keeps dementia patients hydrated

Grandson Innovates Jelly Drops To Help Grandma With Dementia Stay Hydrated

How for you will go to keep your grandma happy and healthy? A grandson’s love for his grandmother, who is suffering from dementia resulted in inventing Jelly Drop sweets to keep her hydrated and healthy.

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Plant based biodegradable bottles

Plant Based Biodegradable PEF Plastic Bottles

There are many efforts to put an end to single use of plastics. If bigger companies take part in this effort it could be a role model and inspire others. Recently, many big companies like Coca Cola have come together in support of projects for manufacturing of plant based biodegradable bottles.

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FSSAI Facilitates food businesses

FSSAI facilitates food businesses amid COVID 19 pandemic

Press release from FSSAI for Food businesses to facilitate food industry to face Covid-19 challenges- FSSAI has given guidelines regarding hygiene and food safety measures

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Stop hoarding and panic buying

Stop panic buying, Stop hoarding today!

Everywhere in the world people are hoarding. Why? Because people are panicking about pandemic disease. People are thinking COVID-19 disease can go on for many weeks and months and we might end up starving and not having enough items to survive!

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Coronavirus & pollution

Decline in Air and water pollution due to COVID-19 threat

Recent satellite images showing less air pollution in coronavirus affected countries. Coronavirus pandemic has shut down the countries across world, causing significant decline in not only air pollution also water pollution.

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Eat right health kit

Health kit Food Safety Magic Box to make you eat right

Indian Government is taking various, different steps to improve and keep its citizen healthy and fit. Recently, The Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare of India is planning to launch testing kits that helps to eat right!

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Pain killer from mud fungus

New pain killer from mud fungus

Researchers from University of Sydney and The University of Queensland recently found marine fungus that has molecule like opioids. What is astonishing is the fungus they found is present in mud.

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