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Falu Abundance in Millets song

PM Modi -In “Abundance in Millets” song, creativity has blended with an important cause of food security and removing hunger

India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s initiative resulted in declaring year 2023 as “Year of Millets”. Now, PM Modi in collaboration with Grammy Award winning singer Falu and her husband Gauav Shah bringing out song “Abundance in Millets” to promote the importance of millets. The song which released on June 16th promotes millets while highlighting the importance of millets and potential to alleviate the world hunger.

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Edible Millet kuldha cup

Now You Can Eat Kuldhas After Drinking Tea

Kuldhas are clay cups also known as desi cups used for drinking both hot and cold drinks like tea, coffee, lassi or can be used for ice cream. It can be recycled, reused or if thrown it will mix with earth. Now, instead of clay cup, Indian farmers used edible millet to make these kulhads. After drinking instead of throwing the cups one can eat the cup just like a snack

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