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Tag: Weakened immune system

Fecal therapy for CDI

A Fecal-Based Therapy To Prevent Recurrent C. diff Infection Is The First FDA-Approved Microbiome Therapeutic

The Food and Drug Administration recently approved a fecal-based therapy to prevent recurrent Clostridioides difficile infection. Rebyota is a drug that is approved for the prevention of recurring C. dificile infection also known as CDI in individuals of 18 year old and above.

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Infection risk in cancer patients

Why infection risk is high in cancer patients

Cancer patients are more vulnerable for infections. Infection risk is high due to their changed, weakened immune system. Immune system which is defense mechanism of the body changes with cancer and cancer treatments.

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Immune system changes in older people

Immune system response in older people

Have you ever wondered why elderly and older people get more sick? Why many older people cannot survive with Covid-19 infections? What makes their system so fragile?

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