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Tag: misleading food label

Organic food label claim

Organic claim on food package

To tell a produce is organic, 95% or more of the product must have been grown or processed without any chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides.

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All natural food claim

All natural claim on label

All natural is another attraction for consumers to buy the food product. The natural food labels offer less clear meaning and could be misleading to consumers.

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Multigrain claim on label

Multigrain claim on food label

Multigrain is another attractive term for consumers. Multigrain means use of more than one type of grain in the product. Multigrain bread will have wheat, caraway, rye etc.

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Low fat claim

General guidance to remember terms and claims on food label

Some terms on food packages like free, very low, low, fortified, enriched, extra, no trans fat can appear to be healthy choices. Before buying such foods understand what exactly these words mean.

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